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Chrysler Repair/95 Ply Voyager 3.0


Cut out while driving now it wont start.
Battery is Good.
Starter turns engine over.
Fuel pump is Good smell gas in engine compartment.
Check for codes and only get Code 55 meaning end of test or the TPR.
What else could it be?

Hi Bob,
I would verify that you have spark by pulling one of the spark plug wire 'caps' off a plug,
then insert the tip of an insulated handle screwdriver into the cap and hold the two together and position the shaft of the screwdriver 1/4" from the cylinder head. While a helper turns over the engine see whether you see a spark jump across the gap. If not, then check the rotor for continuity between the spring clip and tip of the rotor. Also watch while the helper cranks over the engine to be sure that the rotor is turning. If you have spark, fuel pump action, and the timing belt is good because the rotor tuns, then you can check the egr valve mounted in the narrow pipe that crosses from the front exhaust manifold toward the rear.
That exhaust gas recirculation valve can fail to close tightly when the engine idles/shuts off and that then causes a too lean mixture when you go to start it. The valve has a round vacuum operated top piece and then between the top and the body of the valve you will see a flange which partially hides a rod (the valve stem) which has a circumferential slot into which the tip of a screwdriver can be placed that allow you to move the stem back and forth, against spring-action in on direction that tries to close the valve. If that doesn't close to a dead stop then spray some WD-40 on the stem where it enter the valve body and move the stem back and forth to free-up the 'action'.
Those are the things to look into for a 'no start' with no codes.
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