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Chrysler Repair/'99 sebring jxi: code 0733/electrical issue?


QUESTION: Been having some transmission shift issues have replaced tps sensor input and output speed sensors and have a scanner to read codes which are P0733 and p1790 when this happens the oil light flickers and my gas gauge shows empty with low light on feel that it is possibly electrical but need help as to where to start

ANSWER: Hi Rhonda,
That set of observations on your part is very interesting. Leaving aside a true problem within the transmission for now, there are a couple of fuses that are involved in the transmission electronics and the body control module (which is operational for the instrument cluster).
Take a close look at fuse #7 in the power box in the engine compartment and then fuse
#11 in the fuse box behind the left end-cap of the dash. Both are 10 amp. Observe for either poor contact condition at the fuse or socket, and look very carefully at the internal fuse wire to note whether there might be a subtle crack which is spontaneously opening momentarily. You could try replacing both those fuses to see if the problem resolves. One section of the ignition switch is also involved in the circuit so that too would be a possible cause. You could check for 12v voltage to be steadily available on fuse 11 when the switch is in the off, and in the run position of the switch (try jiggling the key to test for intermittency).
If all that proves out, then we have to consider transmission problems.
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QUESTION: Didn't have any small fuses readily available but changed both 10 amps out with others in fuse box,drove for a test drive and first gear works fine then when i stop it seems to have a hard downshift then when i accelerate it seems to slip but never go to the overdrive gear at all then the check engine light comes on i clear the same codes but my scanner says it is still in limp in mode i can check all gears with my scanner just dont know what to look for thanks in advance!dont have my meter handy to check for votage

Hi Rhonda,
If the voltage on fuse 11 is verified to be steady and reliable, then the concern shifts back to the transmission. So do resolve that voltage issue first, for it still might be the ignition switch is flakey.
On the transmission side of the issue there are both internal possible faults which would require its removal and repair of parts (I can list all the possibilities for you later), or it might be a problem with the solenoid and pressure switch assembly which is mounted on the outside of the transmission (the box on the side facing the front of the car) and which is usually replaced in its entirety, and you can do it yourself as well with simple tools and the instruction in hand (let me know if you want those, and tell me your email address, but use
'at' instead of the symbol @). That "pack" is in the several hundred dollar range but that is so much less than remove/rebuild of the transmission proper that it would be worth a try to replace the assembly first to see if that might solve the problem.
The 53 code says there is slippage in 3rd gear, but doesn't say exactly why. The scanner will not sort out the detailed cause, only the overall possibilities (of which there are 9, separate from the 'pack' being the problem).
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