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Chrysler Repair/'96 Neon: code 22 coolant temp sensor


QUESTION: HI, i installed a new camshaft sensor and the car wont start. is there a procedure to get the car to recognise and relearn the new sensor. after 2-3 cranks it gives code 12-54-55 still not pickicking a signal.

plse help

ANSWER: Hi Tony,
I assume that you erased the codes by disconnecting the battery, correct? If the 54 code is new, and the sensor was properly installed then you need to check the signal wire of the sensor to see if it pulsing when the engine is rotated by hand using a socket and handle on the crankshaft pulley bolt to do that. Usually the signal wire is tan/yellow and the ground wire is black/light blue. Put pins through the insulation, attach the voltmeter, turn the ignition switch to the run position, and turn the engine by hand. The reading should oscillate between 5 and 0.3v several times as you rotate the crankshaft. If you get that then check at the powertrain controller pins for those wires to see if the pulsing is getting there or not.
You didn't tell me year/make/model/engine so I can't tell you the pcm pins. There is third wire on the sensor, usually orange, and that should show a solid 8v or so.
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QUESTION: its a 2ltr sohc automatic.  neon 1996.

ANSWER: Hi Tony,
At the pcm plugs, the 8v orange wire is on pin 44, the signal wire is tan/yellow at pin 26, and the ground black/light blue is at pin 51. So if the 54 code persists after disconnecting the battery check for pulsations as described.
Another possible explanation for no camshaft signal is that the timing belt has broken and as the result the cam shaft is not rotating, so check that out if the signal is indeed absent. However, if the timing belt broke then there very possibly will have been some interference between the valves and the pistons which will require repair if this stalling occurred while you were in motion or even if at rest if the engine were running when the belt broke. The belt should be checked, even if not broken, if it has 100,000 miles on it.
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QUESTION: hi,after installing the new electrical connector the car started  with no problems. That problem seems to be solved.

after a while the engine light came on and the manual code 12-22-55 came up. i know the 22 is the coolant sensor out of range, but my concern is its a new coolant sensor hardly 5months old and before the issue with the camshaft sensor it was working with no problem. what would you advice

Hi Tony,
The sensor may be fine but one of its wires not well connected to the powertrain control module which needs its signal for proper operation. The black/light blue wire on pin 2 of the plug is supposed to be connected to pin 51 of the pcm while the tan/dark blue wire on pin 1 is supposed to be connected to pin 28. So use an ohmmeter or continuity tester to check those connections, and shake the harness gently while doing so in case there is an intermittent.
Also, inspect the wires of the harness for a possible opening of the insulation which could cause a short circuit of the signal wire to ground.
Other than the wiring, you can also measure the resistance between the terminal 1 and 2 of the sensor itself when cold and then follow that as the engine warms up. The resistance should start at 3-5,000 ohms and drop gradually to around 1,000 ohms when the engine is warmed up. If not, then the sensor is bad. The third pin on the sensor is for the temperature gauge on the dash and would not be involved in the code 22.
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