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Chrysler Repair/Malfunction Indicator Light: code 0404 egr


QUESTION: Thanks for your quick response.  I did the key thing and got this code P0404.  Hope this helps solve the problem.

ANSWER: Hi Joyce,
That code is about a pollution control part called the exhaust gas recirculation valve (egr valve). Interestingly, my local newspaper (San Jose, CA Mercury News) this morning had an article about that very same part and a similar code on an '05 T&C, written by an auto repair instructor at a local community college. He has a weekly column in the paper.
The code means that there is a discrepancy between where the valve opening is positioned and where it should be, which if true would cause a bit more pollution, and if very far wrong could cause a rough idle or other engine performance issues that you would notice,
Basically, the headline more or less says it all: "sometimes a new part is the best fix". Without going into great detail, the time for a mechanic to sort our which of a half-dozen or so possible causes there are costs more than to simply replace the valve. If you or a member of the family would like to inspect the wiring to the valve for damage or a loose plug connector to it let me know the engine (L) that you have and I can tell you where it is located.
Because it is  fairly easily removed and installed, if there is nothing obvious about the wiring then it will likely be less expensive to just replace the valve, and again a family member could do that with a few wrenches and minimal skills. So check out the price of the egr valve at an auto parts store and compare that to the hourly labor cost to possibly find a cause other than replacement.
Let me know the L size of the engine and your e-mail address if you would like the info about replacing the valve yourself, or the pages about how to analyze the cause of its malfunctioning. If you tell me your email address use 'at' rather than the @ symbol, otherwise it automatically is deleted from the follow-up question, and click the box to make it 'private'.
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QUESTION: My engine is 3.3 LV6.  Please send me instructions on how to replace the valve.  Thank you for your help.

Hi Joyce,
I checked the '04-06 manuals I a have on CD and interestingly couldn't find the egr listed for the 3.3 L engine.
But it very well may still be there. In my '02 manual that I have on hard copy it is shown to be located between the engine oil dipstick and the windshield washer fluid bottle. It has a round top with a vacuum hose connected to that. The steps to remove it are:
Disconnect fresh air make up hose on rear valve cover
Remove air box bolt (that is the box that holds the air filter)
Remove hose clamp at throttle body (hose from air box to throttle body)
Unlatch two clamps on air box cover
Remove air box cover
Unlock electrical connector on EGR valve
Disconnect the connector from the valve
Remove two bolts from the front EGR tube (that is the tube that connects the egr to the engine
Remove two bolts from the rear EGR tube (same)
Remove the bolts that hold the EGR to the engine
Remove the valve.
Install is the reverse.
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