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Chrysler Repair/Theft/security problem: '92 Lebaron conv.


My 1992 labaron LX 3.0 V-6 Convertible Alarm comes on and makes the parking lights flash. and interior lights have problems. My mechanic says its the body control module but the id Numbers 4672200 and 4672201 have me confused about which one I need. How do I tell or is the Alarm control module no good.

Hi Ronnie,
I doubt that the body control module has anything to do with your problem as it has no major role in the vehicle theft security system (alarm). It might be something quite simple such as one of the door latches being too loose such that it gives a false report to the security system that someone has opened the door when the security system has been 'set'. That too loose a latch would also cause the interior lights to come 'on' as you are driving the car. Check that out by sitting inside the car with the doors closed. Then push outward on each door to see if the interior lights come 'on' even though the door is still latched. If so, then that is your problem and all you have to do is go to the door in question and locate the latch striker mounted in the door frame adjacent to the door handle/key lock. Notice that it has a couple of screws which when loosened will allow you to move the latch striker in-board a small distance so that when you re-position and secure it in place the door will be more firmly secured to the door frame. That might be all you need to do.
If it is something to do with electronics, then the issue would be with the vehicle theft security module itself which is a separate unit from the body computer. It is located in the dash, just above the glove box. You have to remove the underdash panel below the glove box, then remove the glove box, then notice a mounting bar above the glove box opening and attached to that bar is the theft module. It has a single 21-pin 'natural' color plug. Now this is important: Never pull the plug out of that module UNLESS the engine is running at that time. If you pull it out when the engine is OFF, the car will go into a security lock-down mode that will require a dealer to 'clear' it as the engine will not start and run until that is done.
I doubt you have to change it or the body computer as I think you will find a loosely latch door is the cause of your problem. So forget about part numbers.
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