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Chrysler Repair/Transmission 0750.0888,0846; '02 PT Cruiser


QUESTION: Hi we are still having trouble with no shifting in drive to the higher gears, was wondering if we should change the filter and fuild to see if a shaving is stuck somewhere($10) or get a transmission from a junk yard ($?)or replace the shift modual which is a $500 part?

ANSWER: Hi Lisa,
Sorry to learn that the problem is still with you. I assume you changed out the solenoid pack in its entirety. You could disconnect the battery briefly, then drive over to Autozone and ask for another code readout to see what 'fresh' codes are present.
Did you check that light blue wire from the transmission plug on pin 7 that goes to pin 20 at the transmission controller for continuity? Follow the harness from the trans to the controller at the left side of the engine compartment. Also check that the ground wires on pins 53 and 57 at the controller are in continuity to ground (the minus post of the battery). Other than replacing the solenoid pack, verifying the light blue wire and the ground wires, if that same 0750 code is still present (after you disconnected the battery to erase the 'old' code) then the last option is to replace the transmission controller. But that would be the last resort.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes replaced the solenoid... Going to try the fliter and fluid... But not sure if that will fix it... my husband is getting frustraighted and may not be willing to go back to town again. We live 15 minutes from town. I hope you can find out something.... Thank you for helping.

ANSWER: I sent a revised answer to your first question this morning.
I don't think that doing the fluid/filter will solve this.
Try focusing on the trans control relay as I just described in that revision, and also if that doesn't reveal something useful checkout the light blue wire and the ground wires.

Sorry the solenoid pack didn't do the trick. As I review the first set of codes I now notice that as a secondary explanation for all of them would be that there is a problem with the transmission control relay or its power source, fuse 15.
The 0846 and 0888 codes also could be explained by a bad trans control relay. So for all the reasons, he should check out that relay. As I explained in the revision:
"So in the power box locate that the trans control relay, remove it, and jump a wire from the inboard rear pin socket to the outboard front socket which in effect will power up the transmission control. The car should drive in all gears at that point, but you don't want to leave it that way. It may be that relay is bad. Put it back in and listen for whether it clicks when you turn the key to the run position which it should do. If not, then it is probably a bad relay. If it does click, then remove the relay and jump 12v+ to pin 4 on the relay and ground pin 2 (this is the other diagonal 'jump' like you did in the relay socket to bypass the relay) and then check whether you have continuity between pins 1 and 5 of the relay. If not, then although the relay clicks, its internal points are not making contact which would explain why it doesn't work. That would also be a basis for replacing the relay.
You can by-pass the relay and drive it temporarily to get the replacement for it if needed, but don't leave it that way as it will run down the battery overnight. All the codes do list the relay as the possible problem, but not the primary likely cause. Rather they pointed to the solenoid pack primarily. Also the '02 manual didn't even show the 0888 and 0846 codes, but I did find them in the '04 PT manual."
Also, check fuse #15 as it provides the power to activate the relay and also to power the transmission when the relay is activated.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: we replaced the relay, still having an same problem, he checked wiring but couldn't find the problem, I will tell him about fuse #15. I believe we are just going to have to take it to someone. My husband is kinda done at this point, poor guy, tried so hard to do it himself. We are really grateful for your help. I hope this will be quick and easy and not much money. I need my car back before my husband has to go work out of town for to weeks. Thank you so much for your time and trying to help us. I will update once I know more. Lisa

HI Lisa,
That is unfortunate and disappointing. The things that he did were the total of the possibilities that are listed for those codes. Maybe the fuse is the final problem...or lastly the transmission controller itself. You didn't mention whether he had the voltmeter or ohmmeter to check the wiring so do that as the last step. I will be interested to know what it turns out to be. Thanks for your communications and ratings/nomination.

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