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Chrysler Repair/'02 Sebring starter problem: fuse 8 blows


QUESTION: My name is David
I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring LXi Sedan.  Usually it starts without issue, it started fine, I drove it all day and then it sat for one hour and I tried to start it and it wonít start. The battery is good.  In previous cars I have gotten "clicking", but this time I didn't hear anything.  The interior lights and head light go on, the keyless entry works, but the radio does not turn on but everything else seems to be fine but it just wonít start. On the odometer the word "TRIP 502" appears.  I took out the ASD relay and replaced it with the RAD fan relay; to test if the ASD relay is bad but nothing happened.  Is it the computer thatís bad? or   this automatically a "new starter" problem or might it be something, well, cheaper?

ANSWER: Hi David,
Check fuse 8 (20 amp) in the power distribution center in the engine compartment as that fuse powers the starter circuit and 2 sections of the ignition switch.  If you are clearly in P or N (also try moving the shift lever slightly off the center detent position) and fuse 8 is functional you should get a soft click out of the starter relay (have helper listen). If you do and nothing comes from the starter motor proper then either the starter motor or its switch, or the brown wire connecting from the relay from the starter solenoid switch is 'open'. So let me know what you find.
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I replaced the starter/fuse and starter relay and the car would not turnover and when I try to start the car it blew the fuse? should I keep replacing relays? or rent/ buy a OBD 2? to check all relays?

Hi David,
Because that fuse powers the starter, the fuel pump and the ignition switch (and that of course powers many more fuses) I would begin by removing the starter relay, the fuel pump relay and then with a new fuse in position 8 move the key to the run position and verify that fuse 8 doesn't blow.
If fuse 8 does still blows: the following fuses in fuse box in the cabin (1,4,11,14,15,16,17, and circuit breaker no. 2 keeping track of which size goes where) and fuse 23 in box in the engine compartment. Then put a new 20 amp in position 8.  Then put one fuse back in at a time and move the key to the run position after each is inserted to verify that fuse 8 doesn't blow after each is inserted.
After all the fuses and circuit breaker are back in OR fuse 8 didn't blow:
then put in the fuel pump relay, turn the key to run and listen for the fuel pump and be sure fuse 8 still hasn't blown. If all that 'passes' then the problem is in the starter motor or its actuation circuit. Disconnect the yellow wire at the starter motor solenoid switch, insert the starter relay, and then turn the key to the 'start' position and notice whether the starter relay clicks and the fuse 8 is still good. If that too passes, then it has to be the starter motor is overdrawing fuse 8, which you could verify by reconnecting the yellow wire at the starter and trying the 'start' position (which will likely blow fuse 8 so have a spare fuse 8 available). If that doesn't blow fuse 8 then the starter should work. If it does blow fuse 8 then the starter motor is bad.
Let me know what you learn.
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