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QUESTION: 04 Sebring with 2.4l engine won't start. Replaced dead battery, engine started and ran for a couple of minutes, idled a little rough, I pressed accelerator and the engine died, now won't start, turns over normally. Check engine light now lights up too, did not before.

ANSWER: Hi Cedric,
Check fuses 8, 14, 23, and 25 to be sure none is blown or has a subtle crack in it internal wire.
Then try to get a fault code readout from the engine controller. Try the ignition key approach: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see if the mileage reading disappear and in its place you get some 4-digit numbers preceded by a P. Tell me those and we'll go from there to figure out what to do. If that doesn't work then see if you have a friend with a plug-in code reader which mates with a socket under the dash next to the steering column. One way or the other the fastest way to get this solved is to get a fault code to work with.
Until you get a fault code, do a couple of other tests:
turn the key to the run position to see whether or not you hear the fuel pump at the tank run for about a second and then stop (a helper to turn the key to run while you listem at the tank would make this easier). Then have the helper try to starter while you again listen to see if the pump runs for as long as the helper cranks over the engine, or does it stop after a second of cranking.
If it stops after a second of cranking then test for spark at one of the spark plug rubber caps: remove the cap, put a screwdriver in the cap so the tip touches the wire deep inside, then hold the cap and screwdriver in that relationship and hold them so that the shaft of the screwdriver is 1/4" from the cylinder head. Have the helper crank it over while you watch to see if a spark jumps across the gap between the shaft and the cylinder head.
With those two test we'll know about the fuel supply, rotational sensors on the engine, and the spark coil circuitry.
Please read the PS below which if you would do right now I would most appreciate.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Fuses are good, removed each and tested with meter.

I checked fault code with Actron CP9580 and the only code is P1684 TRANS $18 - Battery Power to Module Disconnected, I can clear the code and it comes back once attempting to start again.

Tested for spark, no spark. I swapped the ASD relay, still no spark.

Fuel pump does make the sound when the ignition key is turned ON, difficult for me to hear while cranking the engine.

Bad coil? Bad ECM?

How can I test?

I greatly appreciate your time and detailed response.

ANSWER: Hi Cedric,
How did you go about erasing the fault code? if you did that by command from the Actron and indeed it did erase, but then returned when you tried to start it then I would wonder whether you have 12V reaching the ASD relay or at pin 29 of the black plug (top-most plug) of the pcm which also is supposed to get that from fuse 14. If that were not there then that would explain the 1684 code. On the other hand, if you disconnected the battery in order to erase the 1684 code then that will always cause a new 1684 code.
Let us assume you didn't disconnect the battery. Then check for the presence of 12V at fuse 14 and then at the ASD relay's socket on the rear-most and the inboard-most pins which is supplied by fuse 14. If that were not present then you would not get power to operate the spark coil when cranking over the engine. Let me know whether you find 12V at the fuse and at those ASD socket pins. If that doesn't bring out an answer, we'll go further.
Please, I would appreciate your noting the PS below and doing what I request there (also you can go back to the original Q and A and do a rate/nominate there as well).

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland,
I used the Actron to reset the code. Just checked power at fuse 14 and the ASD relay, got 12V at both.
Thanks again,

Hi Cedric,
Well if the Actron indeed reset the code (and did so without disconnecting the 12v coming out of fuse 14 from pin 29 at the pcm), then there must be something wrong with the connection between fuse 14 and pin 29 at the top plug of the pcm. So check that now. The 1684 essentially says that the 12v connected all the time to the pcm (and that connection is at pin 29) was not present at pin 29 since the last reset.
Thanks for the rating and nomination and kind remarks.

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