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Chrysler Repair/'95 Concorde transmission Problems


QUESTION: Greetings, and thank you for all the help you have provided on this board.

I am also an 'active' AllExpert in the architectural welding field, but I have an auto problem here.

My daughters very reliable '95 Concorde, 3.3L A606 140K has had a transmission problem which I thought I had solved.

About 3 weeks ago, she said her car was suddenly slipping while in 'drive'. It would work, and then would not.
Then once she said it wanted to keep going while her foot was on the brake, kind of fighting the brake pedal.
We were able to get the car home as I followed her the last 3 miles back.

I pulled the pan, found no larger metal pieces at all, but there was a fair amount of metal paste in the pan and on the magnet.

It was all thoroughly cleaned and new filter & plus4 was added to the proper level.

It ran without issue for 2 weeks.

Then, it started doing the same thing again, refusing to stop and she killed the car stopping it.
She was able to get it off the road and we had it towed home.

I wanted to get the transmission scanned, but it is a '95 and my transmission shop said he does not have  the 'special' 6-pin hook-up for this car???
I have an Innova 3120 OBD 2&1 scanner with many plugs, but none even close to fit the blue 6-pin under my dash.

I read one of your other posts which addressed this item see below.

I need advice as to wheat steps to try and your ideas of the possible problem.

Thank You in Advance,


Previous posting response:

( What you need to do is get a fault code readout of the transmission controller memory to see what fault code is stored there. That is accessed via a code reader that plugs in under the dash near the steering column. If the socket has 15 pins then that is a OBD-II system and you might get a free code readout at Autozone. If it is a blue 6-pin plug then that is an OBD-I system and a shop with Snap-on reader with Chrysler data link connector plug will be needed/Chysler dealer with an DRB-II reader will be needed to get the trans fault code. Then we'll have an idea of what needs to be done to correct the situation. While the output speed sensor was a good guess, the actual code is what we need so as not to waste money 'throwing parts at the problem'.
The uncertainty about which code reader is needed/type of reader socket is present in the '95 model year was a transition between OBD-I and OBD-II systems.)

ANSWER: Hi Dean,
Good it hear from another volunteer at Allexperts!
I believe that by '95 that transmission was called a 42LE.
I do have the plug for the 6-pin blue socket on a cable that attaches to the DRB-II that I also own. The plug on the other end of the cable is a round metal shell (1/2" diameter) inside of which are 7 pins arranged in a circle with the #8 location blank, adjacent to a 'key' for the shell to fit into its socket on the DRB-II. I can also tell you the wiring assignments on the blue socket and you might be able to do a set of 'jumps' to a plug on you Innova reader.
I wonder about the car seeming to not want to stop and how that could be related to the transmission unless it maybe is the torque converter lock-up clutch that is not releasing as she slows down. So you might check out
Let me know how I can be of help. I could loan you the cable by postal mail from here in California. Other than locating a dealer locally I can't suggest a source for the plug.
Please see the PS below.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for the help Roland.
Yes that is the 42LE trans.

Here is what the plug looks like on my reader ( ) , it is the orange colored one. You probably already knew that.
This does not fit my connector, which is square, blue, and has 6 flat prongs aligned in 2 rows as you before.

The Innova uses older computer type plug-ins, with 2 thumb screws to attach.
You describe your 'other' end of the blue plug as a "1/2" round metal shell".
Sounds like I would need to do some serious splicing.

You say this attaches to the DRB-II that you have.
Is that different from an OBD-II?
Being a '95, I think this is a OBD-1 system correct?

I have a friend who has a Snap-On reader at his work, but he thinks he does not have the connector for my plug. I found an adapter for the Snap-ON 2500 on E-Bay for less than $15... but I'll have to wait until next week to get it with shipping, if he has the model 2500 at his work. I am waiting for his reply.



ANSWER: Hi Dean,
It appears to not be a straightforward connection from my adapter to your Innova. The DRB-II is indeed OBD-I based; the DRB-I was Chrysler's first reader used in the early '80's prior to OBD-I, and the OBD-II unit is called a DRB-III. I hope your friend's unit will work with the eBay cord. Let me know. I can always send you my entire DRB-II but the shipping would probably be about $10 each way.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland,

Thanks again for your help and most generous offer.
My friend does indeed have the Snap-On 2500 WITH the Chrysler-2 adapter for my Concorde....yipeee.

I will post my findings once  find them.

Regarding an earlier post of your regarding the car not wanting to stop. It was a situation where the transmission was pulling hard at idle and applying ample brake pressure to stop the car killed the engine.
I suppose that may be a torque converter issue.....but would it be mechanical, hydraulic, or electrical??

I will have the reader with the adapter in about 5 hours.

Thank You again


Hi Dean,
It is called an electromechanical converter clutch but I see in the hydraulic diagrams that it also is connected to the hydraulic system. And it has to be 'broken in' if replaced, the procedure for which is described. So it has all three issues! The fault code may give you more direction about the situation. Let me know what codes appear.

Hi Roland,

This is Dean again. I cannot seem to reply to your message with a regular response.

The Snap-on reader gave me a transmission code of 24......

After taking the reading, the trans would operate without issue and drove nicely for about 2 miles??

Brought it back and it gave a 24 code again.

The guy I borrowed the reader from said he looked it up and he told me that code was very bad and the trans needs a complete rebuild.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks again


Hi Dean,
Sorry for the delay but I just found your question in the 'reader feedback' which I don't get any notice from Allexperts about new postings. I have to look to see if anything came in.
The 24 code says the low-reverse pressure switch is out of order. I would believe that the solenoid/pressure switch assembly needs to be replaced (Chrysler does not sell parts for the assembly). That involves dropping the oil pan, removing the valve body and then removing the 'pack' from the valve body. I have the '04 manual on CD which shows how to do this and could attach the pages to an email I will send to you directly. But I need to know your email address which you can tell me by asking a new question, click to make it 'private'. Once I have that I can send you the info and you can decide if you want to do it yourself.
In the meantime you could check the continuity of the wire from the low-reverse pressure switch to the transmission control module. The wire is light blue and connects pin 2 of the 8-pin plug on the trans to pin 50 of the tcm. If that wire is OK then I would believe that there is a problem with the LR pressure switch itself.

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