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Chrysler Repair/Engine sputtering high speed: '01 Concorde


QUESTION: 2001 Chrysler Concorde car sputtered after 20 minutes of freeway driving, steering wheel shook, seem to lose power. shifted in neutral rev engine did this twice car ran normal again. car has 225000 on it, never had transmission fluid changed. i don't know if this a vapor lock problem or trans problem also the temp on the car went up a little. any ideas where i should start would be nice. thanks

Turn the ignition switch as follows: "on-off-on-off-on and leave on" doing that in 5 seconds or less elapsed time. Then watch the odometer window to see the mileage reading change instead to show 4 digit numbers preceded by a P. Let me know the numbers and we'll go from there to use those fault code numbers to diagnose the cause of your problem. Tell me which engine (L) you have.
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QUESTION: Hi ok the engine size is a 3.2L and the code is P0456
thanks for the help

The 0456 means that there is a very small leak in the system that collects fuel vapor inside the tank, moves it to the carbon canister where it is stored and then allows it to go to the intake manifold to be burned in the engine. There are hoses and clamps that connect those parts and so somewhere along the path there may be a small leak (0.02" to 0.04"). It can also result from the gas cap being loose or malfunctioning so check that to begin. Such a leak can cause the engine to falter when instead of vapor some air is added to the intake manifold.
It is possible to use a detection tool that is sensitive to vapors to find the leak, otherwise visual inspection is the other means. If you would like to cancel the code after checking the cap and the hoses you simply remove the - post clamp from the battery for a few seconds. Then notice after a few trips whether the code has recurred, Your radio preset stations will have to be reset in most cases as the result of disconnecting the battery as will the clock.
Keep watching for codes if the problem you described recurs. Also, if you sense it is a transmission problem then a readout of codes using a plug-in code reader (socket is under the dash next to the steering column) is the way to check for transmission fault codes. You can get a free code readout at a nationwide auto parts store, such as Autozone, or at an independent repair shop for about $40. Let me know of any new codes.
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QUESTION: Ron I have no trans codes just the vacuum leak code. It seems when i go from a high speed (65) down to a men working speed (50)and try to go back up i have the problem regaining speed, i also notice that brake pedal seems to be higher then normal and hard like the vacuum assist is on because i smell brake pad burning. could the car be running richer and that's why i get that sputtering or the brakes hold back. changed plugs, changed oil, new air filter

Hi Tim
The first order of business is to find and correct the vacuum leak in the vapor recovery system as I described earlier. Then see where things stand with the sputtering.
The brake pedal is probably not related to that unless the power brake assist seems to be weak. If you are smelling overheated brakes then when you do stop and touch each of the four wheels to see which one(s) feel hot compared to the others. Then look inside for the cause of the dragging (warped rotor, binding up of the caliper on its slides, interior fraying of the rubber brake hose are the possibilities to consider).
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