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QUESTION: Ron: Need some help We have a 2005 Sebring convertible that the clutch relay is not grounding to engage compressor. DRB 111 Indicates a/c request is on but it shows clutch relay not enabled. We have triple checked a/c charge we evacuated system 3 times and vacuumed down and refilled system jumping compressor to proper level. When we jump system we gat a clutch relay code and we clear it and reset hvac system with drb111. All fuses in system are good. Wehave checked every wire on hvac system from end to end with headlight hoping to find a voltage drop Nothing. Ac transducer shows 118 psi. Ambient temperature sensor  is 2.33 volts. Evaperator temperature sensor is 2.72 volts. Sunload sensor is 4.67 volts on sunny day. That seems a little out of range to me But my under standing is it has nothing to do with engaging compressor. We have an auto system that we set to LO MANUSAL and still get nothing. When I do the compressor cycle test the compressor will cycle on and off until I cancel the test so I don't believe I have a pcm related problem Any ideas why drb111 is telling clutch relay not enabled? Any help would be appreciated. Is there something I am missing that the pcm and bcm look at to engage compressor. Thank you George

ANSWER: Hi George,
Is there a fault code number associated with that DRB diagnosis. The '05 manual appears to have only the 0645 code titled "AC clutch relay circuit". It gives a few measurements to do to localize that kind of problem. I can copy the two pages off my CD and attach them to an email I would send to you directly. Tell me your email address via a 'follow-up' question but don't use the @ symbol, instead us "at", otherwise the address is automatically erased.
The other voltage readings you told me unfortunately are not spelled out in the manual as to what to expect.
If you can get another code number or name besides the 0645 let me know.
Please read the PS below.

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QUESTION: Roland I have same info you have. You are right dealer has been no help on this problem . Information is very vague on hvac during Daimler reign. Everyone agrees that ambient evap and tranducer sensors can cause no engagement of clutch relay but no one can tell me whether sunload sensor could cause no engagement. would you have any insight on that? thanks again George

Hi George,
According to the manual that sensors involvement with the AC system is only to optimize the positioning of the mode and blend doors and the blower motor speed. No mention of it impacting the AC clutch.
Have you tried the 6 steps listed in the 0645 Code?
Thanks so much for the rating and nomination.
I assume you have the circuit diagram, but if not let me know.
Have you looked at fuses 12 and 23 to be sure that neither has a subtle crack in its wire?
Have you tried grounding the dark blue/orange wire on pin 11 of the third plug at the pcm momentarily to verify that the pcm request signal would indeed fire up the compressor clutch?
Based on that diagram it appears to me that the only thing the pcm wants is the OK from the pressure sensor. I wonder if the pcm might be flaky or that the ATC head request for AC to the
bcm is flaky, or from the bcm to pcm request which also incorporates the info from the other sensors is flaky? Absent a code about the digital system though it would be costly to replace any of those components on a guess.
Let me know what turns out to be the answer.

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