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Chrysler Repair/Lebaron Landau '94, power windows at limits of motion cause clicking


QUESTION: Dear Mr Finston,
> I own a Lebaron Landau 1994, 3.0 V6, automatic 4 gear, electronic instrument cluster
> I bought it last December, it was in bad shape, but I have been working on it, changed gas pump, water pump, valve seals, rear shocks and springs, cleaned all sensors
> The problem I am trying to fix now is this:
> Pressing any of the window glass switches. When the door glass goes all the way up or down they behave in this manner. If the engine is off, they work ok. If the engine is running, as soon as the glass reaches the limit there is a click-click noise from all the doors, not just the one of the switch being pressed. If the engine is on, but any door is open (inner lights on), they work ok. If the engine is running, all doors closed, but the inner lights are manually ON, the click-click noise is heard.
> Any idea what might be wrong?

> The voltage at the battery is 12.6 engine off, and 14.6 with the engine running. There is no check engine light

Thanks for your help

ANSWER: Hi Fidel,
That is an interesting situation.
The clicking sound is likely that of the door lock motors locking and unlocking the door locks which are powered by the circuit breaker in fuse position #13. There is also a relay which is designed to inhibit door lock motors under certain circumstances and it is powered by fuse #15. Both those circuits get power all the time whereas the power windows only get power when the key is in the 'run' position and that comes from the circuit breaker in fuse position #11.
Because the clicking only occurs at the limit of window motor movement I am curious to know what is the voltage of the system when that limit position is reached and what is the system voltage when the window is simply in motion. It may be that the window end of range of motion position is dragging down the battery voltage which then causes the door locks to cycle on and off.
My belief is that the power window circuit breaker in fuse position #11 is not 'opening' when the current draw from the window motor at its limit snd is thus excessive, that drags down the voltage of the entire system.
I would experiment by replacing the circuit breaker in position #11 either with a new circuit breaker or try switching it with the circuit breaker in position #13 and then observe if there is any change in the behavior. If there is none, then probably my theory is wrong; if there is a change then try a new circuit breaker for the one that was in position #11.
Please read the PS below and respond to my request.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Mr Finston,
 I did the circuit brakers change  (#10 by #13), but get no improvement.
 I payed more attention to the noise when I press the window motor switches.

When the key is on the on position, but the engine not rotating. A very smooth noise is hear, like a rumor, it continuos as long as the switch is pressed. the noise comes from the 4 doors, but a little more from the 2 front doors. If you dont pay close attention you wont notice it

When the engine is rotating, when you press the wondow motor switch The noise is like a ratchet, and it continuos as long as the window motor switch is being pressed, this noise is very noticeable

But if the engine is rotating, and I open a door (interior lights go on). The noise is again hard to notice. I would appreciate any advice

Hi Fidel,
Did you take a reading of the system voltage when it was clicking loudly?
Does the clicking sound like its coming from the power door lock motors?
It may be that both circuit breakers are not working properly, so you could try buying one new and put it in position #11 to see if that solves the problem
While this is interesting I wonder whether it is worth going any further with it given that if you leave go of the switch at the motion limit the noises will stop. If there is no other problem then that may be the easiest 'fix'.
If you would do a rating and a nomination again I would appreciate that.

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