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Chrysler Repair/Power seat circuit: '06 Pacifica


QUESTION: Hi Roland,
I read a similar question be need some additional details...
My 2006 pacifica is experiencing problems with the driver's power seat position. It has the top end seat, leather with heat, power tilt and lumbar. It also has foot pedal position controls on/near the switch which is door mounted.

The problem was originally detected when the driver seat got stuck after sliding it nearly to the full rear position. I heard the motor running so I juggled it a little to get it moving again. It happened a few times and then finally it stopped working all together. In fact the Passenger seat and pedal controls also stopped. I hear a little clicking sound under the seat when engaging the switch so I'm assuming it's a circuit problem of some sort.
Could you please direct me to the likely suspect circuit breaker under the dash and give me some advice on how/if to replace. I read a previous post that got me to the correct area, but I was still a little unsure exactly which part I was looking at.


ANSWER: Hi Ralph,
The fact that you hear clicking under the seat suggests that the overall power seat circuit breaker (25 amp) is closed. It is described as being in the power distribution box in the engine compartment but the schematic drawing of that box does not identify exactly where it is. So take a look in that box for any resettable circuit breaker to see whether you find one that is in the 'open' position. Fuse #8 may be nearby as that is the fuse that powers the seat system.
More likely, unless all the motors are 'out' is that an individual motor has an 'open' circuit breaker at the motor proper. You would need to inspect such a motor to locate the built-in circuit breaker for resetting. The wiring diagrams suggest that there are individual circuit breakers for each motor.
The most direct way to diagnose the circuit problem is via the use of a plug-in code reader of sufficient capability as to access the seat module memory for any stored fault codes. There is a socket under the dash by the steering  column in which to plug such a reader. If you can get a readout let me know what the fault code is and I can look it up in the manual that I have on a CD.
The system is described on about 14 pages of text, and 13 pages of wiring diagrams so we need to narrow down the problem if possible.  I am unclear as to whether just one function of the driver seat is faulty or all functions don't work, nor whether the passenger seat is involved to the same extent.
Please read the PS below.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Unfortunately I don't have a code reader. I think your logic makes sense. Since I am hearing clicking and you know that each motor has a separate breaker it might be mounted directly on the motor somewhere. Any way you can send me a pic that shows the motor assemblies under the seat so I can see if there is a breaker and then feel around for it. It's very difficult to see under the seat and I've looked all over the web for it.


Hi Ralph,
The manual unfortunately doesn't show details of the motors except broadly where they  are.
So in order to see what is going on I believe you would want to remove the seat so you can look at the underside in the good light. To do that you first have to remove the vapor canister that is on the under side of the vehicle, directly below the seat.
To do that you jack up the vehicle and support it on a stand, remove the vapor hoses from the canister, then remove the two nuts at what appears to be the front of the canister that holds it to its mounting bracket, then remove the inboard screw that secures the bracket, and finally loosen the other two screws that hold the mounting bracket, and then you should be able to move the bracket sufficiently to allow the canister to be removed entirely.
The seat is secured to the floor by four bolts which you should have access to once the canister is out of the way. Remove those bolts, then lower the vehicle. Remove the head rest (lift head rest to its highest position, then push the locking button on the side of one of the two sleeves to then allow the rest to come out entirely from its sleeves), and then lift the seat off the floor enough to disconnect the two wire connectors that go to the module in the middle of the underside of the seat. That should then allow you to lift and remove the seat from the vehicle for inspection of the motors, etc.
I believe that is the best way to figure out what and why you have the problem(s).
The manual does give some electrical measurement data at the control switches in the door that you can also use to diagnose what might be the problem in that manner. Those tables of measurements I can copy and attach to an email I would send to you directly. Tell me your email address but don't use the @ symbol, instead us 'at'/ There may be a cut-off for further follow-up questions so then ask a new question and choose the private option if you are listing your email address.
Thanks for the earlier rating/nomination. You are allowed to do that again, up to as many as 5 times, so feel free to repeat that for this answer.

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