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Chrysler Repair/No Spark: '99 2,7L


Hello Roland,

We're unable to start a 99 Concorde 4dr 2.7L, which had been in storage.
Day 1)
We replaced the battery & used some ether.
The engine started, but only ran for a few seconds.
Since the fuel gauge was on "E", we added 2 gallons
of gas & tried again. This time the engine didn't start.
So we checked the fuel pump & it's working....
Day 2)
We tried again with some ether, but it still won't start.
Then we checked for Spark & found there's No Spark.
We checked for PCM codes. There are only 2 codes displayed.
P1489 (High speed fan relay),
P1684 (Battery disc. under 50 miles)

So, it won't start, because there's no spark.
But there's No Code, which explains the problem.

The car must be moved,
Within the next 48hrs,
Or we'll be FINED.

Thank you.

I sent this before w/o car info,
to Kevin by mistake.
I'm sending it to you, with all info.
In hopes it'll help others better.

Hi Kevin,
How did you check for spark? Did you attach a ground wire between the threaded shell of the plug and the engine block? If not then that might explain why.
It is possible that one of the engine rotational sensors is bad but not so much as to set a code so keep that in mind if the following things don't help. The sensor codes are 0320 and 0340.
For the spark to be produced:
Both fuse N and fuse S have to be working so check those out. The 1684 code happens if you disconnect the battery OR if fuse N has an intermittent crack in its internal wire so check that out visually.
The automatic shutdown relay has to be closed (the rotational sensors have to send signals to the pcm that the engine is rotating for that to happen). So the easiest check for that ASD output voltage is a dark green/orange wire on pin 2 of the 2-sire plug at the alternator. You can remove that plug and put a voltmeter on pin 2 to verify that when you are cranking over the engine
The two noise suppression capacitors, one on each bank of cylinders, have to be patent (not shorted to ground which would kill the voltage for the primary winding of the spark coils). That voltage is on a dark green/light green wire also located on pin 1 of each of the six spark coils. So remove one of those spark coil plugs and verify that you have 12v on pin 1 of it, again while cranking it over.
If you have 12v on the primary winding of the spark coils and you are not getting spark on any plug then there is no pulsing ground signal to the other end of the spark coils' primary winding that should be coming to then from the pcm if the engine is rotating and the ASD is closed.
So go through that set of observations and let me know what you learn. Hopefully you will find something missing that can be corrected.
Please read the PS below,

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