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QUESTION: HI, My Chrysler Voyager 2006 back up light is not working. I have tried to locate a fuse but couldn't find one. I thought it would be the switch. Can I use another switch or must it be a Chrysler part, are they easy to replace? Also as we live in the U.K. is there a dealer here?
Thanks Milo

ANSWER: Hi Milo,
There are different back-up lamp circuits depending upon whether this is a manual or an automatic transmission. So let me know which transmission type you have. I don't believe there is a single purpose fuse for the back-up lamps so if those are the only lights that don't work it may not be a fuse issue but rather a wiring/switch problem. So let me know which transmission you have and we can narrow down the causes. There are no doubt Chrysler dealers in England but I don't have a list of them. Either of us can search on line for that last.
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QUESTION: Hi Roland, Thanks for replying my Chrysler is a manual and all the other lights work fine.

Hi Milo.
The back-up lamp circuit on the T850 manual transmission consists of a switch that is mounted on the lower edge of the transmission (best accessed from underneath) which has a 2-wire plug. One wire (black/white) on pin 2  goes to ground (the negative terminal of the battery or any chassis metal surface), and a dark green/white on pin 1 goes to the underside of the power box in the engine where it goes through a complex circuit that senses that the switch has been grounded and thus provides power to the back-up lamps. Because no other lights are impacted I would believe that either the switch is bad or one or the other of those wires is 'open'.
I would put the transmission in reverse, jack up the front end, find the switch, remove its plug, and then measure the resistance between the two terminals of the switch. If the switch is good it should read 0 ohms. If it reads infinite ohms then replace the switch. If it reads 0 ohms then check that pin 2 of the plug reads 0 ohms to ground, and that pin 1 reads 0 ohms to ground at pin 4 of the 20-pin yellow plug on the bottom of the power box. The power to the lights comes out from pin 9 of the black with green interior plug at the body control module under the instrument panel but that is for later if all the above check out.
One of those measurement will reveal what is wrong with the circuit.
The switch is likely a U.S. switch which is best acquired at a dealer. If you can't find it locally at a dealer or parts store let me know and I can get it here for you. It simply screws into a hole in the transmission.
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