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A few days ago my car wouldn't start, then it started and sputtered and died. After a while the car would actually start and continue running until I would give it some gas then it would just die. It started running again and I drove it for a day then it died on me while I was driving. Took it and got it read. It gave off five codes, p0302, p0120, p1496, p0106, and p0122. I changed the spark plugs and wires. Replaced the throttle position sensor. finally I replaced the Map sensor. Did all this the same day. The car started up just fine, and ran just fine; even the check engine light went out. Ran just fine for only a day and the thing died on me again with the same symptoms. What is funny is when I unplug the throttle position sensor then plug it back in the car starts back up and runs, the check engine light stays on though. I'm stumped and don't know what else to do. What could be the problem?

Hi Korey,
If you can either get a free code readout or perhaps going an 'on-off-on-off-on and leave on' in 5 seconds or less with the ignition key might give the codes by the odometer window, that would be useful to know now.
Because you got the 1496 which is about the 5v supply being low, and that the tps is powered by the 5v xupply, it would be good given its involvement still that you check the violet/white wire harness from the tps plug as far as you can back toward the pcm to see if you can find a short in the insulation of that wire which may be the cause of this. You could turn the key to the run position and put a voltmeter on the wire and see if it shows 5v and then shake the harness to see if it is 'solid' or not.
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