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Chrysler Repair/1998 Chrysler Sebring 2.5l v-6 no spark/no start


         The ask a follow up question button is gone again, so I have to ask you a new question. I think we spoke about this before, but am I checking the wiring harness or am I checking the pins coming off of the distributor?

I am going to check again for spark.


ANSWER: Hi Mike,
The plug needs to be inserted in the socket so you have to probe through the cam signal wire and the sensor ground wire with a fine pin to which you then attach the leads of your fluke to observe the pulsing. You might be able to probe the place where each wire enters the plug to get a contact. But the plug has to be connected to the distributor, of course.
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PS Thanks for the nomination.

PPS Is it possible that the timing belt broke? Remove the distributor cap and verify that the rotor is turning as you rotate the engine to check that out.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

         I am having a heck of a time trying to get a pin in to the connector. Do you have any suggestions? Do you try to go in with the connector onto the pins or do you try to go through the back of the connector? If you have a proven method, I would love to hear it, this is very difficult.


ANSWER: Forget the connector approach, just pierce through the insulation of the wire itself with a pin. Did you see my note about the possibility of the timing belt being broken?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

         Long story. The car broke down, I thought it was the distributor or camshaft sensor so I replaced the following parts:
1. distributor
2. rotor
3. crankshaft position sensor
4. plugs since I had it torn apart

      Turned out that the timing belt was broken, so I ended up replacing it. I also replaced the following since I was in there:
1. Idler pulley
2. Tensioner pulley
3. Tensioner piston
4. Water Pump

    I tried to start it after all that and thats when I enlisted your help. It sounds like its on the verge of starting. Im still not sure if Im getting spark or not. Everything you have suggested I have tried and it has checked out except the oscillating voltage. I will pierce the insulation of those two wires and hook up my meter to it to see if I get the oscillating voltage.

   The car acts like it wants to start, but just wont kick over into it. It cranks and cranks, stumbles a bit and cranks and cranks. Im pretty frustrated and have a lot of time and money into this car now. I have finished up for the evening and will work on it again this coming saturday. Any ideas of guidance is greatly appreciated. I have kep all the emails and I will go back and rate/nominate you.


Hi Mike,
Why not check for spark by either use of an insulated handle screwdriver inserted in one of the spark plug caps and held 1/4" from the cylinder head while a helper cranks the engine. A spark should jump across the gap. Or you can get a spark plug holder that clamps one to the cylinder head and similarly watch for a spark. If not then pursue the oscillating voltage at the cam and crank sensors.
The wire colors you would measure between to 'see' the oscillations are:
for the camshaft (at the distributor): tan/yellow and black/light blue
for the crankshaft sensor: gray/black and black/light blue
I may be repeating myself but: did you recheck the timing belt timing marks on the sprockets?
You do hear the fuel pump run for about a second when you turn the key to the run position?
If you take out a spark plug is it 'wet' showing that you are getting fuel
Can you borrow a code reader to check for fault codes?
Did you check the egr valve to be sure the stem moves back and forth, against spring-action in one direction which should close the valve to a dead stop? If that were ajar then the mixture would be too lean to sustain an idle.
I hope you will solve this problem quickly.

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