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Chrysler Repair/1998 Chrysler Sebring No Start


         Its been a little while, Ive been busy with work, etc... I replaced the distributor again because the one I bought a few months ago had a lifetime warranty. I am still getting the P0340 error code. What else could be causing this? It seems highly unlikely that 2 distributors in a row are bad. After I replaced the distributor, it almost started once. I have rated and nominated you on all previous answers, I hope you received those ratings and nominations.


ANSWER: Hi Mike,
I checked back over all the previous Q and A's. One item came to light. The voltage to operate the camshaft sensor is on the orange wire of Pin 2 of the 6-pin plug of the distributor.
You stated that you measured 5v on that wire when the key is in the run position (this can be checked with the plug removed from the distributor, so look again at that). If you indeed find 5v then that is the reason for no cam signal because for the '98 model year distributor that voltage has to be 8v. The resulting signal when measured between pins 1 and 3 is a variation between 5 and 0.3, but you need 8v on pin 2 to get that signal. It is also supposed to be 8v on that same color wire at pin 1 of the crank sensor so see what the voltage is there. Let me know what you find on the orange wires. The error I made was the result of a typographical error in the '98 Chrysler shop manual wiring diagrams.
Thanks for the nomination (#5!)
original answer:
I can't recall how thoroughly you checked out the three wires of that sensor, between the sensor pins at the distributor and pins at the pcm. Did you verify that the 8v supply, the signal wire, and the sensor ground wire were all patent and that the first two were not shorted to ground? Think back on what you have tested/verified and let me know what still needs to be checked. Assuming that the timing belt is functioning to rotate the distributor shaft (look at the rotor as a helper cranks it over) then it has to be a problem with the camshaft sensor wire connections. Let's both review the previous Q and A's and discuss this more tomorrow.
Thanks for all the previous nominations, of which there are 4 so far this month. One more nomination is the 'limit' that will counted toward the recognition so feel free to give me one more.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

     On the 2 pin connector, I only have one wire running from the wiring harness to the connector. Im not sure if this is correct or not. I will check pin 2 of the 6 pin connector for voltage. I dont recall what the exact voltage was but I think it satified the 5v you had previously mentioned. I will also check the orange wire at the crank position sensor, is it the sensor or the connector? Does it have to be connected or can it be checked disconnected?


Hi Mike,
Correct on the 2-pin connector: only one wire and it should show 12v when cranking the engine, IF there is cam and crank rotational signal also being produced. If either weren't being produced then the 12v will only be there for about a second when you first turn the key to the run position, so look quickly after a helper turns the key to 'run'. .
The 8v to both pin 2 of the 6 at distributor and pin 1 at the crank sensor are being supplied by the pcm on the orange wire whenever the key is in the 'run' position, so measure at the pin of the disconnected plug.

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