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Chrysler Repair/2001 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, 2.7 liter, a/c not working


QUESTION: We replaced the center door actuator which fixed the problem of the system being stuck on defrost and/or fluctuating between vents and now the only time we get cold air is on the defrost setting.  You can hear the compressor kick on when turning it to defrost but nothing happens when turning it to any of the a/c settings.  The air coming thru the vents is lukewarm, not hot (outside temps in the mid-90s today)but never gets truly cold.  Any ideas of where to start on fixing it?

ANSWER: Hi Francis,
The compressor should also come on when you request AC in the other distribution choices. Does or does not that happen? If the compressor comes on but no cold air comes from the outlets then probably the blend door is not working properly or the temp level you are requesting is already present in the cabin, or that temp sensor is inaccurate. If the compressor doesn't come on ever in the non-defrost settings then there is some sort of a logic problem that is preventing the compressor from being activated or the cabin temp sensor is faulty.
Let me know which of these two possibilities is present.
Sorry for the delay in answering but I just found your question in the pool to which it had been referred by Kevin.
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry for the delay in responding, we haven't had much free time lately!  The car is back to it's old tricks of fluctuating between all the vents although yesterday the regular a/c setting worked....for a little while.  We did see where there is another door actuator near the one we replaced and intend to switch it out as the majority of the time the air coming out on regular a/c is lukewarm.  Seems to be a mix of the outside hot air and the cooler a/c air.  We'll keep you posted if the replacement of that second actuator fixes things.  Where would the temp sensor be located and can it be checked before replacing?

Would these issues interfere with the PCM/oxygen sensors?  The 'idiot' light is on and when they pulled the codes it gave us trouble code p0601, PCM Internal Controller Failure and p0134, 1 1 O2 Sensor Stays at Center.  Occasionally, the car doesn't like to downshift when slowing down (shifts hard) and has twice increased the RPM's when coming to a stop.  A tap to the gas pedal corrects it.  The air bag light came on and stayed on at one point but went off after a few days.  Seems like the car has gremlins!  

Thank you for your help!

Hi Francis,
The 0601 code may be pointing to the cause of several of your problems. It says that when the pcm does a self-check things don't add up. The only 'repair' is to replace it. Perhaps you can find a used one at a wrecking yard. If the pcm were impaired I can see that as the cause of ac activation issues, air bag light, and possibly the downshifting problems.
The engine racing when slowing down could be repaired by cleaning the throttle body and throttle plate. The oxygen sensor is either failed or one of its fragile wires is broken so that would be reasonable to replace.
You could disconnect the battery briefly to erase all the codes, then drive it for awhile to experience these various issues, then recheck to see if the 0601 code comes back.
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