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Recently my battery died because my high beam lights will not go off and I want to buy another battery for a 2002 sebring coupe with a V6 3.0L engine. the previous battery was cranking amps 815, cc amps 650, and reserve 93. I want to buy a battery that is 540 CCA - 675 CA ,85 Minute Reserve Capacity. also the batteries that I have seen some say convertible, sedan, and coupe do I have to get the ones that say coupe? what can I temporarily do to stop the high beams lights? what also may be the cause and how much would this might cost? I have seen this battery 12 Volt, Cold Cranking Amps: 690
Cranking Amps: 820
Reserve Capacity: 90 Minutes
but it says for convertible and sedan what are my options here?

Hi Genine,
On the battery fit question, you should check that out by phoning a local auto parts store where the actual battery size number for the coupe will be listed, and then see if that same size is also listed for the sedan and convert. Once you have that information you will know if the battery works in all 3 body styles or not. The shop manuals I have don't list the battery physical sizes.
As to the high beams remaining on all the time, that is most likely the high beam relay being stuck in the on position if this is a Canadian-sold car, otherwise it would be a failed switch at the steering column being stuck in the high beam position (if the car was sold originally in the U.S). But I don't have the '02 manual, and it is different wiring in the '00 and '04 manuals that I do have.
If it is Canadian and the '00 manual applies,,I would first check out the possibility of the relay being stuck 'on'. In the '00 that relay is mounted at the location of the left head lamp housing, in the in-board side of, in the panel which you would access either by opening the hood and looking down for the backside of the lamp housing to see if you can locate a relay plugged into a socket OR if you can't see it that way you would try looking up from under the front of the car.
In the '04 manual(whether U.S. or Canadian) the high beam relay is in the relay and fuse box under the hood in front of the left side 'strut tower' (the place above the wheel where the shock absorber strut is located, again under the hood. That box has a section at the outboard rear of the box where there are a number of relays and ideally there would be a label in the box or its lid that says "high beam relay". Wherever you find that relay, remove it, which should cut off the high beam lights. Then substitute another relay which you find in the main box which has the same part number as the removed relay and note whether the high beams come back on. If they do, then the problem is at the steering column switch, if they don't then the problem is the removed relay has failed in the stuck position and needs to be replaced.
I wish I knew which circuit I have applies to your '02 but the first thing I would do is look in the fuse and relay box to see if you can locate a "high beam relay" or not. If not then the '00 manual applies and it has to be column switch (unless this is Canadian-sold), if so then the '04 manual applies. Let me know what you find.
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