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QUESTION: 2001 Chrysler Concorde 3.2 285,000 miles brakes seems to grap while driving after cars warmed up (20 mins). Changed all wheel cylinders, brake pads, rotors, wheel bearings and front hoses. Front brakes seem to be hotter then rear, can smell brake pad from front. Car will slow down seems like its being power braked then it will release. Don't know if affecting the trans in shifting. Don't know where to start next. I don't have any codes on the car. Master cylinder????

While it could be the master cylinder or even the pedal mechanism might be binding, I would wonder first about the calipers' guide pins and their bushings. If the calipers' lateral movement was binding up that would result in the pads dragging on the surface of the rotors when you release the pedal. Did you check/replace those when did the calipers? See if that resolves the problem before getting into the master cylinder possibility.
I can copy the pages from the '04 manual that describe how to replace and lube the bushings and clean off the pins' surface to circumvent that problem. Let me know your email address, but don't us @ symbol instead use 'at', otherwise the address will be erased.
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QUESTION: replaced all the pins and lubed up. Can the drag on the brakes make the trans not shift right. thanks for the help. Wont submit with the word at had to use @

Hi Tim,
It would really take a severe drag to affect the trans shift, I would believe. If the trans isn't shifting right then get a fault code readout for a code(s) related to the trans.
On the @ vs. 'at', because you did do the pins properly I don't have anything to send you.
The front braking is always stronger than the rear, but is the temp difference between them very significant?
Find out what happens if you start with the pads/wheels cold, step on the brake once and release, then simply drive until you have to stop, a good distance, without using the brakes, and then slowing to a stop without using brakes if possible. Are the front wheels even that way hot?
If so, it is possible that the master cylinder is not releasing the pressure in the system when you take your foot off the pedal.
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