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Chrysler Repair/'00 RS minivan: code 1698


QUESTION: Hi Roland,
 It is me again. I was able to get the panel out, and apart. I checked all the soldered joints and they all seem to be good. The code I did get besides the P1698, was P0500 (no VSS signal).I do have a computer repair co. near me and I was going to see how much they will charge to double check the board for me. I have been trying to track this problem down for 2 weeks now.It just seems to be a tough one. Maybe I'll check under the dash since it is opened up now.
Thank you, Mark

ANSWER: Is the 0500 still present? You can erase codes by disconnecting the battery briefly. Then drive it and look for "fresh" codes.
I believe the '98 manual I have applies to your '00 If that is the case you would want to verify the four digital wires of the tcm plug as follows:
pin 7 pink to pin 65 of pcm
pin 4 white/black to pin 11 of data link connector (plug for readout box)
pin 46 pink/light blue to pin 14 of data link connector
pin 54 violet/brown to pin 3 of data link connector

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland,
 Just had some running to do. I cleared the 0500 code after I replaced the speed sensor. It hasn't returned since I drove it. The van is still in limp mode, with pending code of P1698. Just got the dash put back together. I was able to talk to transmission specialist he said with 0500 code and no trans codes, that it is probably my PCM gone bad.If I use  one from the salvage yard will it work. Dodge Caravan with same trans and engine? Will the vin be different? I had checked it out, and it has the same options, same wiring harness. Please let me know.
 Thank you,

Hi Mark,
The instruction for the 1698 code suggests that if the code keeps resetting then you should try, using a more advanced diagnostic readout box such as the Chrysler DRB III), to communicate with the TCM. If you can, then replace the PCM. If you can't then it says to look at communication section of the manual to see what it says about failure to communicate with TCM. Under "no response from TCM" in the trans manual it says the possible causes are sorted out by a 7-step procedure with the possible reasons also listed as: ignition switch output circuit open or shorted, fused B+ circuit open, ground circuit open, the TCM being bad, PCI bus circuit open, or the body control module. So maybe before investing in a used PCM you might go to a shop that has an advanced readout and see whether they can communicate with the TCM. I can copy the 7-step procedure and attach the pages to an email I would send to you directly, but I need to know your email address. If you tell me that, use 'at' instead of @ or the address is erased automatically.
Check out that approach with the trans specialist to see if he wants to try that first and for how much cost.
I don't have experience with this fault code, just attempting to interpret what I find in the diagnostic procedure manual for the powertrain and for the transmission that I have for the '01-'03 time frame.
About replacing the PCM, it will have a different VIN so that would be noticed by the BCM but the only result would be a fault code that doesn't affect the function of the vehicle. But, if you have the sentry key immobilizer anti-theft feature that code would have to be programmed into the substitute PCM or the engine will shut down after about 2 seconds. That would require an intervention with a diagnostic readout box to program the PCM so it accepts the code from your skim key was appropriate.

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