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Chrysler Repair/'00 RS Minivan: code 1698


QUESTION: Hello Roland,
 I was reading the information regarding P1698. If you disconnect the plug at the PCM to check for continuity will that affect the stored info? Will I have to get the van's TCM "flashed"if this connection is disconnected? Will the PCM also need to be updated?

ANSWER: Hi Mark,
What is the year and model and engine size of the vehicle? The only thing that happens if you disconnect the plug is that the stored fault code will be erased. No flashing will be needed or updating.

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QUESTION: Hi Roland,
 The vehicle is a 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager SE. I checked the codes with OBD II and got P0500 so I changed the Output speed sensor. The other code I had was P1698. I got a TCM from salvage yard, plugged it in and still got P1698 code. Checked wire harness and found no broken wires.I then bought a new transmission solenoid and changed that. Still have the same problem. The lower instrument lights, odometer, PRNDL, tach, speedometer, temp, fuel do not work until I put it into a gear. Then they all start working. The PRNDLE is all blocked around all the letters. Sometimes the speedometer will not work. I recently read about a splice that was done by the factory. It splices the red wires from the TCM, transmission solenoid, and relay, that can fail. This is my next task, to check that splice. I also read that the ground strap may go bad. I will also change that. This van has been a very good running vehicle and never had a transmission problem. It has 236000 miles.
Thank you,

ANSWER: Hi Mark,
I am not sure which red wire you speak of. Most of the wires are bi-color.
My additional suggestion to you is that you remove the instrument cluster and look carefully at the plug and then look carefully at the interface between the plug socket and the circuit board. It has been found that a 'cold' solder joint between the socket pins and the board may cause a communication problem. You might do well to head each of those joints with a soldering pencil to assure the connections are solid (i.e. the joints are all "hot").
The 1698 could be due to a connection issue like this rather than a component failure.
Please take a look at the PS and respond to it.

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QUESTION: Hi Roland,
 I did forget to say that I did trick the van into letting me do the instrument panel diagnostic, and it did give code #930. I'm thinking it was because in neutral at the time. The rest of the test went fine. I did get the code when the test first started. It gave me 999 first then 930 then went through the rest of the test. Speedometer, tach, gauges, odometer, and prndl. Then returned to the blocks around prndl. The van is still in "limp home mode", and only 2nd gear. So I will try to get to the panel today. I have to clear off the snow first. Then I will let you know. I thank you very much for the advice.

I checked the manuals I have but didn't find what a 930 code for the cluster test means.
I wasn't aware that you were in limp mode. I would believe there should be a 700- or 1700-series code in the transmission module memory were that the case.

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