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Chrysler Repair/92 Lebaron 3.0 Battery drain, baro-read solenoid, rad fan


Hi Roland,

Thank you for all the help you offer here. I have been reading several Q&A's in search of potential problems/solutions. I have learned much and so thankful for the error code reading key trick!

After reading several posts I suspected EGR valve but I didnt actually see one. hmmm, k, in my perusal of the engine compartment I did notice a dangling connecter, near the pass. side strut, near firewall.

However, before re-connecting it, I tried the error code reading using the key trick and got 37, which is baro-read solenoid.  ha! could i be so fortunate?!

Could a faulty baro-read solenoid be a potential draw on the battery? I suspect thats a rather silly question given the inter-dependance on the electrical components, but i would appreciate a bit more assurance.

I am disconnecting the battery to save on juice until I get the low down on this issue.

I have been having issue with the headlamps coming on. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. when I got the battery jumped the other day, i noticed that the headlamp covers opened (no lights tho)when i had not even touch the button/switch.

Will all or most all potential battery draws show up on the error code using the key trick?
Same question for getting a proper code reading.

What about relays and fuses? will they show on the error code reading or do I need to use a multimeter for those? for instance, the headlamp relay/etc.

I have read that the radiator fan does NOT come on unless the AC is on, or the car reaches 210. Is this correct?

Where abouts is a temp of 210 on a gauge that doesn't have temps on it?
Also, i have noticed lately a coolant smell from exhaust...yikes! that cant be good. but no water in oil.

One of the back windows wont go up and the other wont go down.
thats kind of funny actually, to read. Is there a way for me to test these window problems w/o taking out the back seats and all?

Thank you again for your time and for giving so much information. I would give a most helpful rating before I even get a response.
Best regards, Faith

Hi Faith,
Let me address several of the questions, though I prefer to deal with the one at a time.
Let us set aside the rear windows. By the way is this a LeBaron convertible body?
The radiator fan will always come on when you either request AC or Defrost (which also should actuate the AC. The fan should also come on when not using AC as you have described based upon the temp of the coolant. I would suggest that when the temp gauge reaches about 5/8 scale that the fan should come on, or at least before it gets to 3/4 scale.
A coolant smell from the exhaust (accompanied by lots of white smoke when you first start the engine from cold) is indicative of a leak between the cooling system and one of the cylinders of the engine. It could be a head gasket leak, or possibly just a too loose head bolt(s). You could remove the spark plugs and inspect them for 'wetness' to localize which cylinder. And if the leak is not too severe you could try a dose of Bar's Leak in the cooling system to see it that sealer it up.
The headlamp cover will open if the light switch is set just for the parking lamps only.
Unexplained battery draw down will generally not be diagnosed by the ignition key/code readout approach. You would want to have a volt-ohm-amp meter to find the source of the draw down, checking the draw on the battery while removing one fuse at a time to see which of the fused circuits is drawing the most current.
The code 37 is not about the baro-read solenoid but rather the torques converter lock-up clutch of the automatic transmission. if that clutch was working you should notice the rpm drop a bit when your speed increases while going around 40-45 mph
There is no baro-read solenoid on a non-turbo charged engine such as you have.
What are the wire colors on the disconnected plug and how many pins does it have?
There is an egr located near the front of the engine (right side of engine compartment), located in the smaller diameter exhaust pipe that crosses over coming from the exhaust manifold near the radiator and going to rear of the engine compartment.
I hope that some of this information will prove helpful. Let us go further on one specific problem at a time.

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