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Chrysler Repair/'98 2.5L V-6: #8 fuse in PDC blows after car starts


my 98 Sebring keeps blowing #8 fuse after car start. car starts and runs fine then when I turn it off and try to restart it the fuse is blown. is this a wire problem or starter or both with my luck also I was told to try higher amp fuse but I think I read sum where to never put a higher amp fuse in because of risk of fire if you could point me in right direction it would really help I don't really have the cash to have a pro fix it  please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Sean,
Let me list for you all the fuses/circuits that draw on fuse #8. Then you might be able to  measure the resistance or current draw through each of those fuses/circuits to find which one(s) are pulling the most current and check them out. Fuse #8 is a 'work horse' as you shall learn.
The direct draw on the fuse #8 is the fuel pump relay which represents the current to operate the fuel pump and would be activated when you turn the key to the 'run' position, so if it blows before trying the starter then that would be suspicious about the pump which you would expect to hear run for about a second when the key is turned to 'run'; the pump continues to draw from fuse 8 as long as the engine is running.
Also the starter motor relay would draw on that fuse 8 both to activate that relay and then when activated to send current to the starter motor's solenoid switch for the purpose of closing that switch which activates the starter, so if it blows when you move the key to 'start' that would make the starter solenoid switch circuit suspicious.
The #8 fuse also sends current to other sections of the ignition switch which then in the run or start position sends power to three 10 amp fuses, and a 20 amp fuse, and the body computer. So you could have a situation where the total current through those 4 fuses could be under 10 amps through each which then when you add current for the fuel pump and/or starter solenoid and body computer (the control functions of it) total to more than 20 amps which is the limit for fuse #8 so it blows at that point.
The three 10 amp fuses and one 20 amp fuse are in the junction box behind the left end-cap of the dash, fuses:
14 which powers the radio (run only);
15 which powers multifunction switch on the steering colum to power the front wiper relay, the rear window defogger relay, and the body control module (all those only to activate the relays, not to power the devices and only in run);
17 air bag control module (both run and start);
23 (the 20 amp fuse) which powers the activation coils of about 6 other relays (but not their output currents) and the pcm, all in both run and start.
So it could be the fuel pump or the starter solenoid switch and the radio (particularly if you have changed to a higher power radio) would be most suspect. So be sure the radio is off when you start the car, and then notice if the fuel pump fails to hum when you turn the key to run BEFORE trying the start position which would implicate the pump. If the starter fails to click into action and you find the fuse blown then either the brown wire from the starter relay to the solenoid switch is shorting to ground of the solenoid switch on the starter is defective.
If a 30 amp fuse would fit in the #8 fuse socket in the pdc that might solve this also.
Please let me know what you make of this and how you resolve it.
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