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Chrysler Repair/'07 2.4L Sebring sedan: starter removal


I can't seem to find any instruction on this topic for this engine. What is the procedure to remove the starter? Do i have to remove the intake manifold too? i have a 2007 4dr sebring with a 2.4 "world engine" and automatic transmission?
The starter has been tuning "slowly" when it starts the engine. The battery has tested Good. So, It may be necessary to change the starter before the winter gets here.


The '06 manual gives these steps:
open the hood and remove negative battery cable
remove the air cleaner box
remove the lower bolt of the starter
remove the upper bolt and ground wire
remove starter
disconnect starter solenoid wire connector from terminal
remove nut holding fat B+ wire from terminal
remove the solenoid wire and B+ wire

Installation is the reverse. I can't see why the intake manifold would have to be removed.  If you believe that something is different about the 2.4L 'world engine' in the '07 model let me know as I do have an '07 manual on a CD but I have to go to a library to use a computer with Microsoft XP operating system to get to the info on that disc.

Please read the PS (below) and respond to it.
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I reviewed the starter set up on both the 2006 & 2007 2.4 engine. The 2007 world engine does have differences. I can see why on the 2006 that the intake manifold would not have to be removed , but on the 2007 world engine, it seems that the manifold completely surrounds the starter. Maybe the starter could be snaked out of there if the alternator is removed as an alternative? So, yes the 2007 is different. could you look at your CD on this sebring and engine and see what they recommend? Thank you for all you do.,

Hi Tom,
I was successful in reaching the website using a computer at the library with Windows XP.
The starter on both the 2.0 and 2.4L engines can be removed without removing the intake manifold following these steps:
remove air box and air tube
remove battery - post cable
remove starter motor mounting bolt(s)
disconnect electrical connector at throttle body
remove throttle body bolts, throttle body and possibly a bracket there as well
push starter under intake manifold
tip starter nose toward cooling module
pull starter up and out
disconnect starter motor wiring
remove from vehicle.
Installation is the that listing is where the throttle body bracket was first mentioned.
I hope this works out well for you. Thanks again for the rating and nominations,

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