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Chrysler Repair/93 LeBaron High beam headlights stay on.


QUESTION: Hi Roland, wonder if you can help or suggest.

I have a 93 Lebaron LX Convert (Euro spec). I do have the Chrysler manuals and wiring diagrams, but I can't find where to start.

History:- the car had a minor front end smash and I had to fit a complete new front end with lights (flip up type), because the 'aero' style headlights couldn't be found anywhere!. So the car was out of use for about six months.

Now:- fitted the front end and lights etc (oh and replaced the airbag). Everything works except the headlight have a problem. If I leave the headlights switched to the 'high' beam they do not go off when the headlight on/off switch is turned off. 'Low' beam works normally.

Gratefull if you could point me in the right direction.

Thanks Ken.

The high beam power is provided to the bulbs via the high beam relay which when its activation coil is grounded it sends power to the high beam filaments. If you look on the wiring diagram that shows the headlamp switch (AG-AJ 55) you will see the connection (red/yellow) is from pin 3 of the switch to pin 8 of that relay (the front-most pin of the relay socket). I believe you will find that pin is always grounded. There are two paths to ground inside the switch for that lead: one is through the high/low switch will ground it if you have headlights "on" and the selector set for high beams. The other is via the "optical horn" switch (a spring loaded switch which flashes the high beams as long as you hold it 'on) which will ground that lead when you activate that optical horn switch regardless of whether you have the headlamps switch on or not. So if you high beams won't shut off at all, then I believe the optical horn switch inside the headlamp switch is stuck in the 'on' position.
Perhaps I misunderstand your situation, but if not, then somehow you will need to open up the headlamp switch and correct that situation.
Please read the PS (below) and respond to it.

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QUESTION: Hi Roland and thanks for the reply.

First things first, this is my first time on this system, can I click the rating button after each reply (if there are a few) or would that close the subject and not allow a follow up?.

I've looked at the diagram as you suggest, but that raises (right or wrong) another question. Am I right that all those switches are OPT HORN, TURN, HEADLAMP and PARKING are all closing the circuits to ground (no voltage in the switches)?. If so, that makes sense as I assume they are supplying a ground to the various relays.

Apologies for not knowing, but I'm not familiar with 'Optical Horn Switches', can I ask what they are?. It is giving me thoughts that this problem is self induced. If the name 'optical' is to go by, I could well be to blame... whilst the car was off the road, I did some repairs (missing screws/broken lugs etc) to the instrument cowl. Whilst I was at it, I squirted some contact maintenance liquid into all the switches... this was the semi oily type liquid, not the evaporating stuff. Could this be affecting this 'optic'?


If I am reading/following correctly the OPT HORN on the high/low switch assy., receives its supply from the HEADLAMP/PARKING SWITCH.

Hi Ken,
No, you can use the rate/nominate button without loosing the opportunity to follow-up. The nominations are only "limited" in that one questioner may only nominate a specific expert 5 times in a month and have it "count", but still should not limit follow-up. I believe a specific initial question can be followed-up 3 times, then you have to ask a new question.
Correct about the wiring of the switch, it grounds various relays.
The optical horn refers to manually controlled switch which allows you to 'flash' your high beams for as long as you hold it in the 'on' position. The other driver usually will interpret that flashing as a horn, thus the term optical horn. It usually is activated by the same lever as the high/low beam choice switch, only it is generally activated in the transverse 'action' to the conventional high/low. It would be spring-loaded, not a 2-position switch action.
I don't have the owners manual for a '93 but it should describe how to use it if you have it.
Indeed you might have chemically closed the switch using the non-evap type of cleaner. Try using some of the evap cleaner and see if that 'clears' the problem. You should be able to
feel the internal spring-action.
Thanks for doing ratings/nominations if I merit that.

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