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QUESTION: After the car warms up, the check engine light comes on and the car begins to miss badly. I had to have it towed home Sat. I Have the codes it threw last week (12642755)when a mechanic put it on the "machine" it read "found code 64 Flex fuel signal lost with pcm." found faulty pcm that needs to be rebuilt since not available, any longer.He had removed the computer module but put it back on at my request. Checked codes today and it threw 126455. I need to know what kind of repair if any that you recommend since the codes are different now. What's up. Car is a Dodge 94 Spirit, 2.5 L 4 cylinder, with Flex Fuel capability. I have been told this ia a rare car that not too many were made and no one knows how to fix them or get parts, What do you think?

The 12 code means the battery was disconnected recently and will go away on it own after 50-100 key cycles.
The 27 code mean the injector output driver does not respond properly to the control signal, and that is the most likely cause for the missing. The fact that it is no longer present is due to the pcm being disconnected, which erases the stored codes, and so it would not be recurrent until the engine starts, or is tried to be started, or runs and then misbehaves, and if it still fails as regards the injector driver not responding. That injector driver might be due to a fault in the injector driver wiring from the pcm to one of the injectors or to the 12v supply wire each injector needs to run the injectors. So checking the injector wiring connections for a short or open circuit would be the way to start, and then to pull the spark plugs to see if one of the injectors is leaking (wet spark plug) or not injecting which would also cause the code.
The 64 code says the sensor of the type of fuel you are using is not putting out a signal that makes sense. It could be involved in the problem but I would study that after repairing the 27 code. The code comes back even if you don't try and start the car, just turning the key to run and having the faulty signal sensed will set the code if the voltage is not in a proper range.
The sensor is mounted on the tank and connects to the pcm. So checking out its wiring would be the first thing to do.
The 55 code merely means "end of code readout".
I have the wiring diagrams for the vehicle and can copy about 8 pages and postal mail them to you so that either you or a mechanic can check out the wire connection and the injector functioning, and check the wiring and voltage from the flex fuel sensor. Let me know your postal mailing address if you want those pages.
So I don't believe this flex-fuel engine cannot be repaired or parts not obtained. If this mechanic doesn't want to get involved find one who does or do it yourself. The pcm is obviously different for the flex-fuel engine, but other than the sensor at the tank as to which fuel is in it, and having the multi-point injectors (one for each cylinder instead of one in the throttle body) it is not a mystery to repair.

Thanks for the rating and nomination. No charge for 8 sides which should cover what you need. So all I need is the postal mailing address.
Too bad that "flex fuel" has such a bad rap. It is no more complicated than the regular engine as I view it.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

What would be an approximate cost of such a repair, as I don't want to be raked over the coals. I was given a cost of $575-700 dollars to take the pcm out, send it for a rebuild and then re-install it since we cannot find a replacement around here. But it sounds to me from your answer that the problem can be fixed differently. So an approximate cost to fix it the way you suggest would be? Will let you know where to send the diagrams.  Thanks!!!!RL

Hi Rebecca,
As to the original repair proposal, replacement of the pcm, I see no code number that suggest that is what was needed (that would be a code 53, 62, or 63) so I would question the competency of that mechanic. The codes you do have involve check visually for the condition of the wiring of the fuel injectors and flex fuel sensor, and then testing the wires for continuity and lack of a short circuit along any one of them. The 'worst' parts could be an injector or the sensor which would be in the range of $50-100 each and certainly available at a Chrysler/Dodge dealer. This would be a typical sort of repair situation where it would be based on the time that was needed and the cost per hour. But I doubt it would be in the range of $575-700. Maybe around $300, but discuss this with a mechanic who you would feel is competent and trustworthy, telling him that the codes involve the flex fuel sensor and something related to a fuel-injector circuit showing a lack of response, and see what he estimates. Then let me know the address to send the pages.  
Thanks for the rating and nomination, and feel free to do both again if this has been helpful.

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