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Chrysler Repair/'00 concorde: ATC code from 36 to 23


QUESTION: I ran the test on the blend actuator it gave me the number 36. Was hoping you could help me figure this out. I would be very thankful for any advice or info. Thanks,Mike

ANSWER: Hi Michael,
Check fuse 17 in the box behind the left end-cap as that powers the ATC. Otherwise, the code is for communication failure between the ATC and presumably the body control module, from pin 2 of the former to pin 4 of the latter (gray 14-pin plug under the dash behind the fuse box). If the fuse is good and the wire is connected then it may be the ATC has failed.
If the blend door is the only thing that is not working then it could be the actuator for that door or its wiring which has 5 wires to check, and the codes for that door are 23,32,37,38.
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QUESTION: I looked into some more things online and got little bit of info. Was asked to unhook battery for twenty minutes (so it would reset the computer, I think) and that when the read out on the # 23 came out of the system test. So question being what does the number 23 call for???

Hi Mike,
The 23 code says the feedback signal from the door actuator to the body control module has failed. I assume this could either be the wire connecting the two or a failure inside the actuator itself. You could verify the patency of the wire and if that proves out it suggests replacing the actuator would be the next step. The actuator has 5 wires and the feed back is red/white and connects pin 3 of the actuator plug to pin 1 of the number 2 plug at the body control module (of 4 such plugs which this one is black in color). If the pathway proves patent then replace the actuator. If not patent, the wire does go through a multipin disconnect (pin 10 of a 16-pin disconnect so you could check that as the location of a disconnection of the wire.
The blend door actuator is located close to the left end of the HVAC box, on the underside of the box. It is thus directly in-line with the center stack of the dash. You remove the left and right side under dash edge silencer panels for access. You will see two actuators in that general area, the one closer to the firewall is the blend door. Two of its screws are removed from the right side of the stack, and one from the left side. Remove its plug, remove the screws, pull it straight down while noting the position of the connector tab so that when you install the replacement the tab of it will mesh with the slot of the door which would not be visible otherwise.
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