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QUESTION: My Chrysler neon 2001 2ltr when I start it mostly in the morning it have a noise coming from the engine but after i drive it for a while the noise goes. Another mechanic say might be oil pressure. Is it so? What should i do. Can it be a oil pump. Help

ANSWER: Hi Timnatures,
Does the oil pressure gauge or warning light (one or the other should be on the cluster) show a low reading is present? It is easy to check the oil pressure at the pressure sensor warning light/gauge sender, using a pressure gauge in place of the sender. Have another mechanic listen to the noise would be the next suggestion. If it is a clicking sound coming from the top of the engine then that is usually one of the valve tappets loosing pressure overnight. That can be replaced with out major work. There are 5 other tappet noise causes beside oil pressure so I would try and get a reference for a good engine mechanic. I can share the pages about tappet noise with you by attaching them to an email. Let me know your email address but don't use the @ symbol, instead us "at", of it will be erased from your follow-up question.
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QUESTION: Thanks for your answer you are being helpful. The noise is coming from the top and it's clicking as you suggest. Help me with those other possible causes of tappet noise. My email timnatures"at"

ANSWER: I just sent them. Please do a rating/nomination of me.

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QUESTION: Am having problems setting the timing, its miss firing. Can you help me on setting the timing Chrysler neon 2001 2ltr

Hi Timnatures:
If you mean the spark timing, then that cannot be "set" because it is automatically controlled by the engine rotation position sensors. The timing belt can be out of alignment, which means the valves would be out of 'time' with the position of the cylinders, and that can be checked and if so re-set. Is that what you want information about? I can copy some pages about that and send those to you. But spark timing is not something that can be re-set.
Let me know if you want those pages.
Has the engine noise problem been solved?
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