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I have a 2007 PT Cruiser that won't turn over.  Lights and Radio work.  Dash Lights come on.  When I try to start it, I get a clicking nose like its trying to turn over - then the dash lights start flashing and everything goes quiet/out.  Any suggestions??

Hi Susan,
That has the symptoms of a weak battery. Lights/radio/dash lights take very little current compared to the starter motor circuit. So when you first give it a try the battery may have recovered a bit from the last attempt and so you get the clicking which likely the sound of the solenoid switch at the starter motor which is clicking in and out because the relay in the power box nearby is opening and closing due to the voltage going up and down when the starter motor gets current on and off from the relay. If the battery is near the end of its warranty then you probably will want to remove it and trade it in for a new one. If it is relative new, then you would want to charge it up by getting the engine started (by jumper cable from another car) or by attaching a battery charger to it overnight, but in either case you would want to drive it for maybe 10 miles before shutting it off and do that near home/a jumper availability so that if the battery doesn't recharge sufficiently you aren't left away from help. Also while driving it notice whether the battery warning light at the cluster is on or off. If on then that means there is a problem with the charging system for the battery and that needs to be corrected in the battery remedial process.  
The battery is under the air cleaner housing on the driver side of the engine compartment, towards the front. You remove en electrical plug on that housing, remove the tube that connects the housing to the throttle body, open the two clips on the lid and open the lid of the housing, remove air cleaner filter, then pull up on the housing which should come off and give you access to the battery.
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