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Chrysler Repair/'95 New Yorker: atc; air bag, abs warning lights


QUESTION: Hello Roland:

This is a follow-up to an answer you sent me last week regarding an issue with headlamps
that would not shut off on my 95 New Yorker. I have replaced the multifunction switch on
the steering column with another unit. Turn signals, high and low beams work, but neither
the wipers nor the washer fluid pump are working. I wonder if the connector at the lower back of
the switch is not completely inserted or not making proper contact, although it appears to be in as far as it can go. Unfortunately, it's in an awkward position and there is very little room to manoeuvre. I have checked the fuses for the wipers- the one at the end of the dashboard and the one in the electrical box under the hood - and both appear to be OK. I also tried switching around the relays but still no power. The replacement multi-function switch appears to be identical to the original.



ANSWER: Hi John,
Fuse 10 in the dash powers those two functions so if you show 12v on both sides of the fuse when the key is in the 'run' position then it pretty much has to be the plug at the multi-function switch (pin 3 of the 7-pin) is not connecting (but check for voltage at pin 3 with the key in the run position. It is a wire only connecting the fuse to the multi-function plug.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland:

I checked that 10amp fuse in the dash with a continuity tester and it was ok. I also checked both side of the receptacle for that fuse using a circuit tester probe with the key in the 'run' position. One side indicated power, the other side nothing, so I'm guessing there is power to the fuse (??)

I still need to check pin 3 on the plug to the multi-function switch, but am not sure which one that is.
There is one series of 3 smaller pins then another series of 4 larger pins

When I start the car, the following indicator lights are coming on and staying on:  Airbags; ABS; Traction Off.
The automatic climate control system also does not function . However, if I turn the ignition key to the
'run' position and leave it there  for a few seconds, then start the car, all of the above indicator lights go
off AND the automatic climate control system functions normally. This seems to be occurring regularly.

Also, I cleaned both battery terminals and noticed that the positive terminal was corroded. On that terminal
there also two additional wires: a black one which looks like a link of some sort and a white one. The outer
coating of the white wire seemed as though it had melted slightly at some point. Not sure if any of this is
relevant to the problems noted above.

Again, many thanks for your help with this electronic poltergeist!

- John

ANSWER: Hi John,
On the multi-function switch, the #3 is at the center of plug in the 3-pin row, the other row is 4,5,6,7. It should have a dark blue wire coming in from fuse 10.
About the other problems: are those new or of some duration?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland:

The ABS and Trac Off messages  began the same day that the headlamps would not shut off. The Airbag message  and the non-functioning automatic temperature control system (act) began about a day later.But the messages disappear and the atc  works ok if I turn the ignition to 'run' for a few seconds before starting the engine.

Will now check out pin #3.

Many thanks!

- John

Hi John,
On the other problems:
Check fuse J in the power box which powers a section of the ignition switch that services the ABS, air bags, atc, and power windows. Also check the brown wire on the + post clamp which is also involved with the atc as this wire is actually a fusible link and it may be blown. These may be involved in all the other issues.

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