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Chrysler Repair/lhs '95: dies after 3-5 seconds, n


QUESTION: Hello Roland,i have a 1995 Chrysler lhs 3.5  135000 miles.
Here is the problem: the car was working fine no problems at all,i jut park the car ,and later on i went to start the car up,start up for about 5 seconds ant then shut down,this never happened is the first time.
I tried many times and the same,3 or 5 seconds and shut down,this is what i notice,the heat/ac fan underneath the dash is a full blast,and do not display anything no lights nothing,then the doors locks they go by it self,like if you were playing with the door locks,i try to get the codes with the ignition switch,nothing.
This is what i did,first i disconnect the battery for 20 minutes ,i put back,the same nothing change,i reset the alarm from the door lock with my key,the same,i was thinking is the alarm,i check all fuses in the dash and inside the motor,all good.
I do not know what else to do,fuel pump good, it has spark ,new plugs,Ronald i wonder if you can provide some advice,in what else to do,i was thinking to replace the crank ad cam sensor,but i not sure if that is the problem,or maybe a short some place or the alarm is damage,thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Timothy,
About the blower, do you mean that the fan comes on high just by turning the ignition key to "run" and you haven't requested that on the control panel? Is it a conventional or automatic temp control unit?
On the door locks, that may mean that one of the doors is not secured tightly in its frame so you might try moving the door striker mounted in the frame in-board a few mm so that it is more tightly positioned, starting with the driver's door.
If the Alarm were not disarmed the engine usually is cut off after 2 seconds, not 3-5. I assume the security alam light on the dash is not illuminated, correct?
Whan you say No codes, does that mean you are getting two sets of 5 flashes each which means 'end of readout' and corroborates that the readout is being done?
If all that is true, then I would be inclined to consider that the mixture is too lean to sustain an idle. The most common but overlooked cause of that is that the exhaust gas recirculation valve is stuck slightly ajar whereas it needs to be closed for the engine to start and idle properly. It is mounted sideways on the back of the right cylinder head and has a small diameter exhaust pipe running to it from the center of the right exhaust manifold. It has a round top with a vacuum hose connected to it. Between the top and body of the valve is a flange which conceals the valve stem, a rod with a slot that goes around its circumference. The tip of a screwdriver is inserted in the slot in order to move the stem back and forth. You will not there is internal spring-action which tries to shut the valve. If that stem is gummed up it will not allow the valve to close tightly. Spray some WD-40 on the stem where it enters the valve body and move the stem back and forth with the tip of a screwdriver. Then try to start the engine.
Please let me know what you learn.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Ronald thanks for your answer,is automatic control temperature, and yes it did not show any lights ,and the blower is in high ,just by turning the ignition key,in regard to the doors,actually i open both from doors and closed,not the back one,tomorrow i will do it.And yes no lights to flash in the dashboard,no 55 no codes to show,wont show anything ,nothing at all.I have not check for the alarm light,but tomorrow i will do it.
I made a mistake yes it takes like 2 seconds ,and then turn off,i starter right back up and the same, my inclination is the alarm,or a short ,but  you are the expert Roland, now is getting dark,therefore tomorrow i will try the doors again,and the vacuum.I just leave the battery disconnected,and tomorrow i will see what else i my find,and will let you know,thank you very much.

ANSWER: As to the instrument cluster, are you seeing no check engine light at all when you turn the key to the run position? Are the other warning lights also "out"? Does the ATC control panel light up when you have the key in the run position?
I will await the report about the alarm light on the dash situation.
Remove fuse #21 (25 amp) in the panel behind the left end cap of the dash for now, and that will stop the blower motor from running and unnecessarily dragging down the battery.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Roland,first yes i took the fuse out to stop the check engine light,yes the turn signal were out and suddenly they came back,the hazard lights are working.
There is no alarm light,and i tried again to get codes ,but it wont show anything,even when i leave the battery disconnected all night.
New things,door locks wont work from inside i have to use the alarm in order to work.
Wipers do not work also this morning start it up and shutdown after 2 seconds,then the lights from the module  climate control came back ,stay for a few, and then gone,The EGR valve is good moving freely i use screwdriver.
This is what i did since the wipers do not work i check the fuses under the hood,the one with different colors are good,the relays i test all of them with the one from the starter,i pull one ,and put it in the starter crank the car,if one of them were bad the car wont crank therefore all are good.still But wipers not working.
The fuses from the dashboard i check all of the one by one,by looking inside and test all of them with the fuse radio,they work fine,even the one from the wiper.   Also i test the 3 black square ones,with the door lock alarm,they are good,(manual door locks do not work from inside when you push  any button. I tested the 2 metal one with the power seat they are good.
I forgot to mention that before this happened,the fan was on all the time when you turn the key on,it never shut down,unless i turn off the key.
Now that  this happen it wont turn on any more i do not know if this is relate, In conclusion ,wiper not working ,door lock not working,turn signals were not but then came back,no warnings lights,can not get any codes,wont let me. fan not working even they were on all the time when i turned the key,(i know this is no right) let me know what are your thoughts,and thanks.

The wipers are powered by fuse 10 and fuse 17 and those fuses should be hot on both sides when the key is in the run position so verify those fuses and that you have 12v showing on them.
The turn signals are powered by fuse 3 when the key is in the run position.
There are 2 separate ground points for many of these functions located on the mounting bracket for the air bag control module which is hidden behind the center stack of the dash, just above the center tunnel. So remove the panel at the very bottom of that stack and locate two multiple black wire collections that are held into that mounting bracket by screws.
It could either be fuses, a bad ignition switch section, or a loose ground point that is causing you to not have any check engine light and no security system light and thus no way to tell if the security system is disarmed or not, which could be what is shutting down the engine after 2 seconds. So chesk the specific fuses once again, make sure they are powered up as I described, and check for those ground points on the airbag module mounting bracket.

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