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I have a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country. It's in LIMP Mode and I was told that it was probably my Shift solenoid. I took it to Autozone and they ran the codes and 3 came up.
First Code: P1698
Definition ECM fault- No CCD message from TCM.
Second Code: P1491
Definition ECM probable defective.
Third Code: P0500
Definition ECM had detected a fault in the Vehicle speed sensor.

My Mechanic friend says that my ECM is most likely the cause of it being in Limp mode and not wanting to shift. But I don't want to spend the $225 to get a new ECM. Could you explain?

1698 Loss of commutation with trans computer  
500  no tans speed signal

1491 is radiator fan relay circuit

ECM no  TCM maybe   I would first put a set of speed sensors in though 25 bucks each  or check the wires going to the speed sensors  because they have been know to have issues at the connector.

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