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Chrysler Repair/Fuel injectors on a 1994 Chrysler LHS 142000 miles


Hi Roland,
         I recently replaced the fuel filter on my LHS and since then I have had a intermittent fuel smell. Tonight I checked the connections on the fuel filter and they were locked tight. I was running the motor and could not locate any fuel leaking out from anywhere. After I shut the motor off, I started looking around the injectors when I noticed a little dampness on top of the center injector on the passenger side. I grabbed the top of the injector and wiggled it and noticed and heard gas coming out from around the injector. The back injector is doing the same thing while the front injector is not wiggling. It would appear that after replacing the filter, it increased the fuel pressure and has caused the injector(s)to start leaking. My questions:

1) Are there seals or gaskets that I can replace?

2) If I replace the injectors, do I have to do anything to the computer?

3) Either way is it an easy or difficult project for a back yard mechanic?


Mar Moore

Hi Mar,
The injectors each have 2 o-ring seals. There is no need to change anything about the computer if you change the seals or the injectors.
I do wonder whether the pressure in the system may be too high due to either a loose vacuum line connection to the fuel pressure regulator or an obstruction of the fuel return pipe to the pump. You might want to check that out before getting into the fuel rail. The pressure without the vacuum line connected should be 48 psi and with it connected and the engine at idle it should be 39 psi.
To change the seals you have to remove the fuel rail which is a multi-step process which would be best shown by my photocopying the pages and postal mailing those to you. It costs me 10 cents a side plus the postage to do that. You can mail me back stamps to cover my costs. Basically you have to remove the upper radiator hose from the thermostat housing, release the fuel pressure, remove the intake manifold plenum, disconnect the supply and return tubes from the rail, disconnect the electrical connectors from the injectors, remove the vacuum tube from the pressure regulator, remove mounting bolts from the rail, remove injector clamp screw, remove the clamp, pry injector out of fuel rail and replace seals.
Let me know if you want the pages.
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