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I have a 2012 Jeep G.C. Laredo.  It has a manual heating/cooling controls:  Driver and Passenger temp control knobs.  The basic one.

Setup:  Cold startup, idling,  with the heater controls and vents all equal, heat set to full on both controls and fan about medium.

Problem:  Measuring the temperature between the two center dash vents will should a difference of 15-20 F. degrees with the drivers side being hotter.

This is regardless of the engine temp.   However once the overall cabin temp get pretty warm and the engine temp is around 199-200 F
then the difference between the two vents is much less.  This all started about a year after the purchase.

Of course, if the outside temp is pretty cold, it the drivers side vent will never reach "hot" being rather lukewarm even after driving for 15-20 minutes.

There are no faults according to the dealer.  Although the temperature difference is clearly noticeable.

The frustration is that the dealer is hesitant (without code fault) to really look into what might be causing this (actuator, blend door....etc).

So, your expert help and ideas would be great......especially how to handle this.

ANSWER: Hi Mike,
The closest manual I have is an '06 but there is a capability to find fault codes using the HVAC control panel. Do you know by what means the dealer sought out the codes? If by a plug-in code reader that would probably not have worked. Does the unit have three knobs, and a lighted ac mode switch and an ac status light next to it? If so I can copy the pages from the manual that show how to get a fault code. Then once the code is known I can send you the pages for how to correct the fault.
I need to know your email address so if you tell me that don't use the @ symbol instead use "at" or the address is erased.
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heater controls
heater controls  

left side temp
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QUESTION: Yes, I have the manual three knobs (Drivers Temp, Fan, Pass Temp). Personally, I think it's a door not completely opening or closing.  Perhaps a piece of material ???   The dealer just said there were no faults but could not explain the lower temp on the drivers side. Posting my email publicly, with surely cause a lot of spam.  Any other method.   Could I reply with another question that is private ?

Hi Mike,
The controls are similar but not identical. But here is the instruction from the '06 manual which you can try to see if there could be fault code stored:
Turn on the ignition switch.
Turn the blower knob to the on position
Press and hold the a/c mode button
Turn the blower motor off
Wait 5 seconds until LED's for AC illuminate, both the a/c mode and a/c status
Then release a/c mode button.
If there are stored codes the a/c status LED will begin to flash. If there are no stored codes then all the unit's LED's will turn off and the unit will exit this code search mode.
If you do get the flashing of the a/c status LED let me know and I can share the pages about  how to 'read' the code numbers.
When you reply, start a new question and make it 'private' so you can tell me the address so I can copy the readout instructions and send them to your email address.
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Roland Finston  

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