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Chrysler Repair/02 pt cruiser intermittent starer motor


QUESTION: checked battery connections, removed/replaced starter, replaced ignition switch, start relay.starts fine for awhile then wont start until numerious tries turning key. jumped positive cable on starter to solenoid wire solenoid engages.any advise ????

If the direct jump to the solenoid switch on the starter causes it to click, and yet the starter motor doesn't respond, then either: the starter that you got is defective OR the fat red cable from the battery to the starter is corroded Or the ground wire of the battery to the engine is corroded or loose Or the battery is not giving out the voltage/current necessary to operate the motor. Those are the only possibilities I can see as to why the starter motor won't respond when you apply voltage directly to the solenoid switch but the starter motor won't energize. Am I understanding you correctly? If so, then go through all those possibilities.
I suppose it might also be that the engine is locked up and won't allow the stater to crank it over but that seems unlikely.
If you do activate the starter by the direct jump to the solenoid, then either fuse#1 in the power box is flakey, the ignition switch start contact is flakey, the starter/gear shift interlock safety switch, the starter relay, or the brown wire from the starter relay to the solenoid switch is the problem. When it won't start, check whether the starter relay is clicking or not. Let me know.
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QUESTION: when applying key to start position starter relay was always clicking.Past history car would go for two months or more before start problem. Problem started in August, October, December, March. After no start-direct jump to solenoid would key start fine and continue for long time.Last no start(automatic transmission)tried in park few times then in neutrial shift position few times back to park and started up fine. last start and drive time before no start was 5or 10 minute stop. has started fine since. checked battery volts 11.8 with volt meter. Should I test battery for how much amp draw? and charging system? cleaned battery terminal connections last time when new starter installed. All starter connections good.Fuse #1 in power box should I ohm out or change ? Starter/gear shift safety switch?if defective would it still send volts through to start relay ( click )? or change ? brown wire from starter relay to solenoid , should I check for voltage at solenoid connection next start problem?, should I have 12 volts at solenoid when start normal? Thanks,Jimbob

The battery voltage seems to be a bit low at 11.8, and also how old is the battery, might it be near the end of its warranty. The voltage on the system with the engine running should be at around 14. The battery should ideally be at around 12.4v when charged up.
The no start situation should be checked by first seeing if the relay is clicking and if not then it is the ignition switch, the P/N safety switch, or the relay, or the wiring between them. If the relay clicks, then either the internal contact points of the relay aren't passing 12v to the brown wire, the brown wire is poorly connected to the solenoid, or the solenoid is not working, so see if you are getting 12v to the solenoid (or any voltage at all because the starter motor will drop the voltage down if the solenoid switch closes, which of course makes a loud click. So be ready to check it out when you have the issue.

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