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Chrysler Repair/'07 Sebring: starting issue with hot engine


QUESTION: 2007 Chrysler Sebring 2.4 L  4cyl.  Radiator hose at the filler neck broke off while my daughter was driving to work.  Motor over heated.  Replaced hoses and filler neck and refilled coolant.  Did not start right away, pulled plugs and found three wet with gas not coolant.  Dried and cleaned plugs motor started right off.  Drove car about 15 miles, temp stayed in the normal range no leaks.  Shut off motor for about 10 min. and would not restart, after engine cooled down, about an hour, it would start up.  Sounds and runs great.  Did the same thing later and still does it.  No trouble codes.  Wondering if it is a thermostat issue, can't find any other problems.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I assume that you tried for fault codes via the ignition switch. Did you get a confirmation that there are definitely no trouble codes, like "done" appearing in the odometer window? Have you tried a plug-in code reader? A nationwide auto parts store, such as Autozone will usually do the read out at no cost.
I can only conjecture, without a fault code. My thought is that the engine coolant temp sensor may be "off-value" and giving a false reading which then impacts the air/fuel mixture such as to make it difficult to start when the engine is warm (too rich). That sensor is not expensive or difficult to change out so if you can't get a fault code that would be the first thing to try. It threads into the thermostat housing, just below the outlet.
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QUESTION: We used a plug in code reader.  I will try the sensor and I plan on changing the upper and lower stats.  I will let you know if it works.  Thank you for your advice.

I just revised the answer that I sent you, so take a look at that. Likely you simply have air trapped in the thermostat housing.
You can do another rate and nominate for this answer, should you care to do so. Best of luck, and I think this is a solution that will involve no new parts, etc.

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QUESTION: The sensor on the thermostat housing just twist clicks into place no threads.  Do you have a manual figure showing the location of the bleeder valve?  Can not find it anywhere on the thermostat housing.

I probably misspoke about the location as I have the figure to go by but it is not exactly clear as to its relation to the thermostat housing. What the figure shows is that if you are positioned directly in front of the coolant pressure cap (not the cap on coolant bottle) and then look down and slightly to the right of the water hose you would then see the bleeder valve (which is simply a nipple that when rotated will release coolant/trapped air.
If you can't find it I will copy the figure and attach it to an email I will send to you directly. Let me know your email address but don't use @, instead use 'at'.

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