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Chrysler Repair/2000 Intrepid: cluster digital readings unsteady


QUESTION: Roland, sorry, but pins 1 and 2 of green plug do have good voltage, my miss typing..


ANSWER: OK, then check the connection of pin 5 socket connector to the circuit board and if that is solid but you still get flashing of the digits then it has to be an internal circuit board problem of the cluster.
Thanks for clarifying, and feel free to do another rating and nomination, Tim.

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I looked carefully at pin 5, it looked good but re-soldered anyway, installed cluster back into car, still unstable readings and also now tach and speedo are not working. I checked several times to make sure all pins are aligned correctly and cluster is seated well, Now I,m really confused, more than I was before..

Must be just a bad cluster.
Thanks Roland,

Did you verify the electrical continuity from pin 5 of the socket to the actual circuit board's trace wire where you re-soldered it to the board?
All the digital data to run the speedo and tacho come on that pin 5 violet/white wire which is connected to pin 13 of the gray plug (one of four plugs) on the body control module which is under the dash on the backside of the fuse box at the left end of the dash. So you might want to verify that connection. But first check out fuses 7.14.16,18, and 19 in that box which power up the body control module. If those fuses are good, then the cluster may indeed be faulty.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Intrepid CB
Intrepid CB  
QUESTION: Hi Roland, still plugging along here, just did some more testing on circuit board and that part seems ok, removed grey connector from backside of BCM,couldn't fine a vt/wht wire on grey plug, but had a vt/yellow wire at #5 at green cluster connector pin and it checks good for continuity to grey BCM which has vt/yellow...

When looking at grey plug at the end, and locking tab is on the right, vt/yellow I tested was 2nd down on the left side.

and all fuses check good so far...

Thats what I got done so far,in the mean time will put cluster back together until I hear from you again when you get time...

I really appreciate this help Roland, plus I'm learning alot..


Hi Tim,
Sorry about that misnaming of the wire colors, which should have been yellow/violet. That wire shows up on many pins of the bcm plugs because those are all the digital data wires that are needed at many different modules and are transmitted on those common color wires.
The last thing I can suggest is that you initiate a self-diagnostic check of the cluster functions by pressing and holding the trip reset button, then turn the ignition key from lock to unlock. The cluster will then step through several tests of different parts of the cluster so you can observe whether the displays in question appear normal or abnormal. If abnormal then that would corroborate that the issue is internal to the cluster. You might be able to buy a new display sub-module for the cluster if that is the case, from a dealer.

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