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Chrysler Repair/2000 Intrepid: cluster digital readings unsteady


QUESTION: Hi again Roland, could not find where to follow up a question, so re-asking..

I can not find the GRD wires you speak of connected to a screw, I have pulled all dash covers, side counsel and instrument cluster that I now have setting on my desk, I have been looking through manual and would like to find what connector would be the GND in dash connectors that the instrument cluster plugs into, their are 10 small connectors with-in the self-aligning connectors. Thought I could check for GND from that point.


ANSWER: The ground wires are both located on pin #6 of the two 10-pin plugs and are: black on one, and black/light green on the other. The power wire from fuse 7 is on pin #1 and the wire from fuse 1 is on pin 2 both of the connector that has the black/light green ground wire (the green colored plug). So check the resistance between those pins and chassis ground on the ground wires and between the pins and the fuses of those other two connecting wires.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Roland, here's what I came up with, probably more than needed.

#7 fuse Power to Grd, 12.7v
#1 fuse Power to Grd, 12.6v

All Testing Done Below, No Power To Car

Blue Plug, #6 Grd to chassis, .000 ohms  (all testing with ohm meter was set to 2k)
Green Plug, #6 Grd to chassis, .000 ohms

#7 fuse Power to Blue Plug #2 (#1 not used) .000 ohms
#7 fuse Grd to Blue Plug #6, open (no reading on meter)
#7 fuse Grd to chassis, .000 ohms

#1 fuse Power to Green Plug #1, open (no reading on meter)
#1 fuse Grd to Green Plug #6, .104 ohms
#1 fuse Grd to chassis, .000 ohms
#1 fuse Power to Green Plug #3, .000 ohms
#1 fuse Power to Green Plug #3, Ign Off, open (no reading on meter)
#1 fuse Power to Green Plug #2, Ign On, .915 ohms

To me it looks like cluster is trying to get power and grounds from where ever it can...
Let me know what you think.


Hi Tim,
Thanks for all that data. I don't understand what is the meaning of "fuse grd" and "fuse power". In any case, the pin #6 readings to ground should be re-measured with the meter set to the lowest full scale ohm reading as we are looking for poor connections that might be a small number of ohms rather than 0.
On the voltage readings, just see if they are all the same as the battery readings, and that would be on pins 1,2,3 of the green plug (with the ignition switch in the on position) and pin 2 of the blue plug with the switch in the on position. If the grounds show near zero ohms on the most sensitive scale then the grounds are ok. If the voltage readings when the engine is running seem steady and similar to that of the battery then I would have to conclude that the cluster wiring and voltage supply is OK and the flashing problem with the cluster readings reflects a problem with the cluster itself.
It may be that you have a 'cold' solder joint where the connection from pin 5 of the green plug's socket attaches to the circuit board. So try re-heating that with a soldering pencil. That is the incoming digital data lead which if flakey might cause the 'flashing'of the readings. I hope that is the explanation as otherwise the cluster itself may have an internal fault.
Feel free to do another thank/rate/nominate if you believe I deserve it.

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