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Chrysler Repair/fuse relay box and harness replacement


QUESTION: replaced fuse/relay box & harness in LHS with box ref #04760134AB from dodge intrepid(same # in both cars).when
finished all electrical ok-working but won't start-seems to be no spark &/or gas.Problem when finished two wires remained disconnected(red w/blue stripe & red w/green stripe.we believe this is the problem,we think they must be wired into the body of the fuse relay box, but don't know? Can you help?

ANSWER: I have no way of looking up part numbers to see what it is  I need a big frame of reference first

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QUESTION: I don't understand, you want a donation for an answer or for just trying to find out what's the solution? Therefore from your reply I haven't a clue what the appropriate donation should be. 1.if you can answer the question that is provide correct & real answer then tell me what you need, or the exact amount of the donation you want &  2.if on the other hand your saying you'll look for a an answer or solution that you really have no idea if you can answer then tell me how much that donation must be?

What are u talking about?   My signature  that is attached to every answer I send  mmm  kinda look past that  and  first  answer the question I asked  then  U can go from there.
I am  a tech  not a part department  I dont know what all the 10,000 or more parts are out there that mopar makes. FRAME OF REFERENCE IS WHAT ARE WE WORKING ON WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO WHAT OR WHY DID U REPLACE THIS HARNESS. WHICH HARNESS. This is info that any one beside yourself needs to know to give u any assistance. I dont know know what kinda car this is  or engine size.

U just asked me about a part number no spark and some wire colors  that's zero help to some one that's not there looking at the car with u and then u want to talk about a donation????  
Did we clear up what I was asking for?

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