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Chrysler Repair/2.7L engine: setting timing chains


QUESTION: My water pump went out on my 2003 Dodge Status 2.7 liter. So me thinking I'm mechanically inclined thought I would tackle this myself. So I went at it. Taking everything off that I needed to. I was replacing the secondary timing chains as well. So I got the timing chain off and went ahead and removed the cam shafts. Put the new timing chain on and realized that my timing was off. That's when I realized that I didn't set the timing before I took the timing chain off. Is there away I can correct this error if so how?

ANSWER: Hi Jason,
I assume that you didn't try to start the engine with the valves out of time with the position of the crankshaft so that you didn't experience any 'interference' between the pistons and the valves.
If you re-remove the cam shafts that should allow all the valves to close and it should be safe to rotate the crankshaft to tdc without interference, then you can re-install the camshafts and the timing chains as per the manual.
Do you have the pages from the manual to do this properly? If not, I can copy them and attach them to an email I would send to you directly if you tell me your email address in a follow-up question. But don't use the @ symbol, instead use 'at'.
Please read the PS (below) and respond to it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: No I don't have the manual. That would be great if u could email that to me. thanks..

ANSWER: I will copy the pages and email them to you. See the original answer which I just revised.
You can do another rating, and if you would be so kind as to do a 'nomination' of me as well that would be appreciated.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Everytime I get the primary timing chain set the timing on the cams r off. Is this supposed to be like this?

Did you follow the procedure shown on the pages that I sent to you? I believe that if you look carefully at the procedure it should turn out properly. Did I send you the pages that show your engine? If not, let me try to send you another set that may be the correct ones. Tell me the page numbers that I sent to you already.

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