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My battery has been stalling for 6 months,  I replaced the battery and the car works for 1 month then the battery stalls again.  I remember the drivers side window started giving us problems before all this happened.  My drivers side window would just stop working.  I would have to open the passenger side and then it would work again.  I then took the Power Window panel out and moved the wires and the window started working again, and now, I don't haven't had a problem with the window working.  Now my battery stalls every other day.  I then jump battery and it works for a couple of days and then battery dies again.  Please help.

Hi Mark,
Unless the windows are powered for usage with the ignition "off", I would doubt those are the source of the battery drain. I believe those don't get connected to the battery until the key is in the 'on' position.
So you have a standard problem with something drawing current when it shouldn't. The best way to chase that down is to use a milliamp current meter to measure the flow of electricity through the battery when the key is 'off'. Remove the - post clamp of the battery and insert the meter between the clamp and the battery post. It should read less than 100 milliamps after a few minutes of being connected. It it reads off-scale (larger than 100 milliamps) then what you do is remove fuses, one at a time, from the power distribution box, in order to locate which fuse is drawing the excess current. Be sure that all the lights are off and the door is closed while you do this testing of each fuse. Let me know which fuse is carrying the excess current and we can go from there to check those items which are powered by the fuse.
Likely it will be the 'ignition off draw' fuse so then you will need to look at individual lights/circuits that are powered by that fuse.
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