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Chrysler Repair/Interior lights stay on when doors are closed


QUESTION: '96 Chrysler Concorde, 3.3L V-6 engine.
Open door to enter car, interior lights go on (as they should).

Close door. The lights stay on (not good).

Place key in ignition switch and turn to run or start position - the lights go out.

Turn key to 'off'. Most times the lights stay off, but sometimes they turn back on if I hadn't started the engine.

My wiring diagrams cover almost everything except 'interior lights' so this problem has me baffled. Any help would be greatly

ANSWER: I answered this earlier, did my suggestion help?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland,
I did as you suggested and, unfortunately, that didn't solve
the problem.

However, you have helped me with some very complex problems in
the past and I believe you can do it again.

I performed some experiments to help clarify the problem(s).

1. Open the door and the interior lights turn on.
2. With door still open, press in on the door frame switch.
  The lights do NOT go out.
3. Place key in ignition switch and turn to 'run' position,
  with or without starting the engine.
  Perform the same actions as in step 2.
  Then, the lights DO go out.

So, the critical difference was that without the key in the
Run/Start position the lights just wouldn't turn off as they

Could it be, there's a relay (or two?)involved - not getting
enough 'juice' to trip it?

Anyway,what all this means is that the most practical way I
have of getting the lights to stay off- short of disconnecting
the battery, is to stand outside the car with engine running,
reach in thru the open window, turn off and remove the key.
Then the lights will remain off.

But what if I want to park and lock the car securely?
Sometimes, if I move very swiftly to exit, remove key, shut
door etc. - the lights will go out, but this only works
about half the time. It's exasperating when it doesn't!

My wiring diagrams don't seem to cover 'interior lights',
so I'm completely at a loss on how to troubleshoot.

Please help me out Roland.

It sounds like you have the remote keyless entry (key fob) system, correct?
That illuminated entry system uses a entry module to sense the signal from the fob and the body control module operates the system. The manual says it works like this:
The IES turns ON the courtesy lamps (except the ignition switch lamp) when the remote key is activated. The RKE entry module and bcm are to control the system. Courtesy lamps will turn on for 30 seconds and fade to off over a 5 second period.
When door is opened the IES will turn on the courtesy lamps and the ignition switch lamp. The lamps remain on while the door is open, then fade to off after 30 seconds after last door is closed.
Courtesy and ignition lamps will turn off as soon as soon as ignition key it turned to RUN.
After the ignition is turned off the IES cannot be activated for 30 seconds afterward. After a door is opened  and closed during the 30 second period, then system functions as described above.
If the battery voltage is interrupted to the IES, the system will not function until the fob UNLOCK is actuated.

With all that in mind, see what you make of the situation. It may be we have to check the manual for the body controller to see what is wrong with it...or it may be it is working as designed.

Please read the PS (below) and respond to it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Roland,
I bought this car used several years ago, so it never occurred to me that it might have a keyless remote system installed.

So to find out whether it did or not I did some inquiries on the internet.
I found this one website called, and typed in the VIN# of my car(a'95 Chrysler Concorde)and they directed me to this page:

I followed the instructions there and verified that yes, indeed my car has,supposedly, got this system - factory installed.

So, now that I know this, it gives rise to some interesting questions.

1. If I had a remote key fob, which I don't, would it help in diagnosing this problem?
2. Since I've never used the RKE system and don't really need is  there any simple way to disable it?
3. If it was disabled, would it simplify matters or just make everything more complicated?
4. Which manual are you referring to. Perhaps I could obtain one also?
5. Where do we go from here?

Just so you know-I greatly appreciate your knowledge and help. Every time I post I always give you the top expert rating.

Hi Ron,
My observation so far is that your lighting is working the way it is supposed based upon the description of it in my '94 Chrysler service manual. I would believe that if the lights stay on beyond 30 seconds then it may indeed be the driver's door is not being closed tightly enough which can be corrected by moving the striker in the frame in-board a bit.
My next manual is '98 so I am not certain what to tell you for sure about your '96.
I suspect that the RKE being present is not an issue, so disabling it will not change things, it appears to get involved only when the Fob has been utilized.
So if you now can operate the vehicle knowing about the presence of the RKE system, my suggestion would be to ignore it.
To get a Fob and program the system may require the intervention of a high level diagnostic readout box. It is that way according to the '98 manual, but not so from the '94 manual. You would tell by purchasing the '96 Chrysler service manual for the Concorde (LH body) most likely from eBay.
Thanks for you rating/nomination. You can do it again if you so-choose.

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