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Hi was wonder wat do u recommend i do about code po730 ? My car is not slipping gears or anything like that its fine i had check engine light on n these codes pop up wat should i do?? I got a 2005 chrysler 300 ?? Also the car over heating fan turn on but dont stay on long cuts off in ten seconds but turns on 3 times with in 2 mins wat do u think? Thank u for u time

Hi Selina,
The  P0197 codes says that the temperature sensor for the engine oil has a voltage reading that is below what is expected, suggesting either a bad sensor or a short circuit of the signal wire to the ground wire or to a bare metal surface near the wire. That sensor is located on the right side (passenger side) of the engine, on the engine block itself near the front of that side of the engine. It has a black 2-wire plug whose colors are violet/yellow and dark blue/dark green. That code may explain why the heating fan is coming on. I suggest that you look for that sensor and inspect its plug and the wire harness that connects to it for possible damage. If that seems ok, then check out the resistance across the pins of the sensor which should show at least 700 ohms when the engine is warmed up and around 4,000 ohms when it is cold.

The P0730 is suggesting that there is a discrepancy between the gear that is selected by the transmission and the actual gear that the comparison between the input and output speed sensors is showing it to be. This could be due to a mechanical problem with the transmission (but that seems unlikely since there are no other codes) or that there is an electrical issue with the Transmission control module (either some sort of a connection between its electrical plugs and the pin socket that are the connections OR it could be a problem with the transmission control module itself). Do you notice anything unusual about the way the car is shifting gears? You could start by checking the level of transmission fluid on the transmission dip stick and add Chrysler fluid if necessary.  If you find nothing unusual with shifting or the oil level you might want to invest in having the oil pan of the transmission "dropped" and inspected for any unusual metal debris in the ban and for the condition of the transmission fluid itself. If the pan seems free of debris and the fluid is not off-color then simply replace the pan and add the necessary amount of Chrysler transmission fluid. This code is non-specific and serves as an early warning that something could be happening which would cause later trouble.

I apologize for the delay in answering your question which was for Kevin. He held onto it until today where I found it in the question 'pool'.
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