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Chrysler Repair/'00 Neon Will Not Start but cranks: spark check


I could not reply to the last thread so I am starting a new one.  I did check and I do have 12V to pin 20 of the PCM and I do have spark.  The fuel pump also runs ok.  I checked all the wiring on the bottom of the power distribution box and that is good.  I am having trouble locating those wire splices you are referring to but I am still unwrapping and checking wiring (some of it runs inside the body so I won't be able to access those points).  I still get the work fuse flashing in the odometer when I first turn the key on, and I also have no dome light (the bulb is good as are all the pin switches).  Maybe this has something to do with the problem also?  I hope this additional info helps you help me track this down!

ANSWER: Hi Frank,
The dome light is part of the courtesy light system and interestingly the cluster is on the same that goes to the dome light also goes to pin 21 in the cluster . It may well be that the absence of power from that particular circuit is what is producing the fuse flashing indication in the odometer window (though I don't have information specific to that indication, maybe it is mentioned in the Owner's manual?). The fuse for those courtesy lights circuit is #13 (15 amp) in the main power box under the hood, so check that out. If that fuse is good then verify that you have 12v at pin 21 of the cluster plug.
As you have corroborated that you do have fuel pump and spark action, and absent any fault codes the other factor to consider is the "mixture" of fuel to air. There is one component that is not well monitored by the fault code system, the exhaust gas recirculation valve, but you may not have that on your '00 engine (I am working with a copy of the '01 manual). Take a look at the sticker on the underside of the hood to see if one is shown on the vacuum line diagram and let me know if you find it or not.
Was there any history of difficulty starting prior to the shorting out problem of the wiring?
As to the splice I directed you to check, it is at below the rear/inboard corner of the main power box, according to the drawing, outside of the box. But as you have verified that the dark blue/white wires that are important for the engine to run are indeed showing 12v I don't believe you need to deal with that splice.
So unless you find an egr valve the other thing to do is to keep trying to start it and see if you can draw any fault codes out of the powertrain control system.
Thanks again for the rating and nomination. The "limit" for nominations that will be counted for me is five in a keep doing it if you would like to. I love to compete for the recognition!

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


I feel really stupid now...turns out it was low enough on gas that up in the front on jack stands it would not suck fuel to the engine to must have a bad sending unit because it showed 1/4 tank when I parked it...but I thank you immensely for all your help with this car!  Have a great day!

Hi Frank,
No is good to find what the no start was due to. It was a "mixture" problem, of a sort!
Let me know about the fuse 13 and if that solves the fuse signal in the odometer window. Also, by the way, it is the case that you can get 4-digit fault code numbers in that same window using the ignition key cycling, correct? Oh, and did you happen to look to see if there is an egr valve shown on the vacuum hose diagram.? I can add all this info to my '01 manual in regards to you '00.
Thanks again for rating and nominating me.

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