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Chrysler Repair/2.5L V-6: dies 15 seconds after starting


QUESTION: Roland Hi just wanted to tell you a little follow up, I wrote one but I wasn't sure if I sent it or not.97 sebring 2.5l convertible ,Different PCM car cranks right up but doesn't run but about 30 seconds and then dies .The only trouble codes(which did not work last time)reads 12,33,55.Thanks for your time

ANSWER: Hi Steve,
I sent a reply:
Hi Steve,
The 55 means "end of code readout". The 12 means the battery was recently disconnected from the pcm which may just be due to you just installing it...or very possibly there could be a poor connection between the battery and our old friend fuse 5, so monitor the voltage on pin 53 of that fuse to verify that it is not disconnecting when the engine dies.
The 33 is about the A/C clutch relay circuit or the A/C pressure sensor circuit. You can take that issue out of the situation by removing the A/C clutch relay which is in the 7th socket of the power box, counting from the front.
So there is no obvious coded reason for the engine shutting off, but check those items.
Recheck the fault codes readout one more time.
The last thing would be to check out the egr valve which may be slightly ajar which could cause a too lean mixture. So locate that underneath the coolant temp sensor, mounted sideways.
It has a round vacuum hose operated top, and between that and the body of the valve is a flange. If you look in that flange area you will see the valve stem. Spray some WD-40 or similar lubricant on the stem where it enters the valve body. Then notice a slot in the valve stem into which you can insert the tip of a screwdriver and then move the stem back and forth against spring-action which tries to shut the valve. So move the stem and be sure that the spring closes it to a dead stop, in the closed position.
Let me know what you find. By the way I don't believe I heard of the history of how this engine was running before fuse 5 began to blow. Is there anything relevant there?

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QUESTION: Roland I have a question for you if you could tell me can a PCM from the 97 sebring same car ,same motor be put in another sebring and run without having your VIN flashed into the PCM?I'm thinking thats what is shutting everything down after 15 seconds of running or is there a way to let it program itself?I've heard it from a few people but thought I wanted to ask someone that actuall5y knew thanks

ANSWER: Hi Steve,
A diagnostic trouble code will be set in the airbag, abs, and sentry key immobilizer modules but that shouldn't shut down the car. If you have the sentry key immobilizer anti-theft system then that updating has to be done or the vehicle will shut down. Ideally the donor car and the recipient car should not have the immobilizer set up. In '97 that could be academic for Sebring car but I'm not certain when the skim system came it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Roland I checked the donor car for the chip in the key for the I'm only assuming the sentry immobilizer ,it didn't have it mine doesnt either that just stopped me from buying another one because this one will crank car.Is there something I can check for to see what causes this.BTW the trouble codes with the relay out(means computer is reading anyway)readsthe12 but does the33 twice then 55?thanks again

Hi Steve,
It is likely the standard items: fuel, spark, mixture one of which is going bad. I think I told you about the egr valve, which if you have lubricated it you might nontheless want to remove it and clean out the passageways.
The other thing would be to put a fuel pressure gauge where the fuel line attaches to the fuel rail (needs an adapter for the connections) and see if that is showing 49 psi.
Presumably the spark isn't quitting, but you might want to check the continuity of the rotor in the distributor and the distributor cap for cracks.
An outside possibility is that the manifold absolute pressure sensor is misreading the intake manifold vscuum so that the mixture is incorrect. I had that happen once, without a code being set, so I mention that to consider.
I can't think of anything else to try. A shop with a diagnostic readout box might be able to tell, by a "live" reading all the sensor data, what is wrong.
Best of luck.

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