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Chrysler Repair/'04 sebring gtc, 2.7L no crank


QUESTION: no power to fuse 24 and fuse 25.

vehicle starter wont crank or nor the solenoid even click.
(no spark)

no bus error

what powers the pcm and how can it be checked?

ANSWER: Hi Darren,
The starter solenoid and starter motor are powered by fuse 8 and the starter relay in the power distribution center at the request of the ignition switch. The shifter has to be in P or N. I don't understand the "(no spark)" comment because the engine has to be rotating to produce a spark.
Fuses 24 and 25 are powered by the autoshutdown relay which is closed when the engine is running, or for about 1 second when you first turn the key to "run". That explains no power to those fuses.
As to the PCM, does your PCM have 2 or 4 multi-pin plugs?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: fuse 8 and 14 are good

asd relay is good

tried the wiggling the shifter with still no crank

tried depressing the brake, putting the car in neutral...  still no crank

The vehicle will not crank at all, not even a click from the solenoid.

I switched out the ASD relay with others, but no difference noted.

No power to fuse 24 and 25 when vehicle in off, nor power to them when in run position.

no power noted to pcm

has both a new cps and ignition switch.

ANSWER: What about the ASD relay and the starter motor RELAY in the power box. Are those clicking of not, while a helper tries the key?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: yes the ASD relay and starter relay are both clicking when engaging t he ignition switch. Also the eatx relay and fuel pump relay are also good.

You could check for voltage at the starter solenoid. It may be that the brown wire from the starter relay socket (pin 10) to the starter solenoid is "open". Or if that is OK, then the battery voltage may be too low to close the starter solenoid switch, Or finally the starter motor is faulty. But I wouldn't change the starter until I was sure that the voltage on the battery is strong enough to close the starter solenoid switch, and ideally strong enough to energize the starter motor.
Check the brown wire at the solenoid to see if it shows 12v when the starter relay clicks. If not then what is the voltage on that wire? It should be at least 12v. If it is and the starter solenoid doesn't click then the solenoid is bad. If it does click and starter motor doesn't activate then see what the voltage at that brown wire is after the loud click. If it is still 12v then the motor is bad. If the voltage drops way down then the battery it too weak to engage the starter motor.

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