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It's russell from hawaii had to start another question because it wouldn't let me post follow up.

I opened pcm and discovered one of the components had melted the gEl inside.  Looks like a capacitor.  Ordered replacement pcm.  I'm worried whatever caused it to burn up will happen with new one.

Any tips for making sure I don't burn down another pcm?

I rated ur last question thanks again

ANSWER: I don't believe that anything other than the pcm itself caused the failure.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Aloha Roland,

Got the used PCM in and I have power on pin 7 going to both cam and cranks sensors now. good gronds on 5 11 12.  power 12v on pin 3.

still have no power going to coil pack.  crank/no start crank sensor is new.  not sure if its installed right.  there was no paper on end of sensor when i got it.

PCM now giving me key flash code of 11 no crank signal when engine cranks.

any how can i trouble shoot this code? i hope its not crank not spining...

does it take a few starts for pcm to learn engine sync? if started around 15 times.

thanks for getting me this far

ANSWER: Hi Russell,
The crank sensor doesn't need the paper spacer. You can test the sensor by hand:
measure between pins 4 and 24 (ground and signal) with the key in the "run" position while you turn the crank shaft by hand using the bolt on the crank pulley and a ratchet handle to turn it. You should see an alternating voltage of 5 to 0.3 as the slots in the flex plate go by.
If not, then reset the sensor to make sure it is fully seated in the socket. Also, check the continuity of the wires between 4/24 and the sensor plug, and also that you have 8v on the orange wire at the sensor plug.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Alooha Roland,

I got 9 volts at orange wire,

on the signal wire when i cranked by hand, i got 4.97 to around .08 volts, thats with dmm positive lead to harness and negative lead to battery negative

i tested ground wire key on dmm positive to harness negative to battery, it measured .02.

i decided to check out asd relay in power dist center.  pin 30 constant power continuity to pin 3 to pcm measured .05 ohms, test light lit up

pin 87 continuity to coil harness good, .6 ohms

pin 86 continuity to pin 9 on harness, .5 ohms, test light lit up

pin 85 continuity to pin 5 ohms .8, also measured 11.8 volts battery getting weak from testing

whats strange is im still not getting power to coil on wire 87 at harness.

Is the ASD not grounding?  if so can i jump from 30 to 86 forcing relay to energize and ground? or is there a better way to jump to see if car will start?

also it just occured to me that i installed a new starter last month.  is there anything that i should be looking at that i may have messed up during install?


Remove the ASD relay and simply Temporarily jump a wire from the rear to the front pin of the socket. That will definitely power the coil and the injectors. If it starts, then we still have to figure out how to get the OK from the pcm to close the ASD relay. Are there still not fault code flashes when you to the key dance?

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