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QUESTION: I have a 2002 Town & Country, and the instrument cluster is fried. I am curious as to whether I can put in a Cluster from a 2007? Research shows that the 2002 is year specific for the instrument cluster, is this true? If it's NOT true, do I need to reprogram the BCM after installing the new cluster as it states and so do multiple mechanics?

ANSWER: Hi Chris,
I see that the cluster for the '02 and the '06 are the same, but not for the '08. I don't happen to have the '07 manual. But if it is dependent upon the body computer and has to be reprogrammed then I don't believe that will be an appropriate cluster for your '02. There is a very significant deference between '06 and the '08. If the plug for the '07 has thirteen pins, it might be alright but I would want to know the color codes of those 13 wires. Otherwise it too may not be interchangeable.
Why are you looking at an '07?

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QUESTION: I am an oversize pilot/escort, and am currently on the road and stuck in Minot, ND with no Gauges, blinkers etc. I tried every other repair listed on here and online to no avail. I had a diagnostic ran, and my instrument cluster came up as bad. I pulled it, and sure enough; black in the digital displays. I can only find an '07 cluster to get back operational in the vicinity of where I am, and am losing money and work not being operational. Wanted to research if it would be compatible prior to installing it and possibly having more issues as a result.I won't know the color codes until tomorrow when I go pick it up, but will be sure to check prior to purchase or installation.

ANSWER: Hi Chris,
If the '07 cluster is still on the donor vehicle then you can check the wires on its plug. Otherwise it is reasonably likely that if it has the same single 13-pin socket as the '02 it should work. I think the change that was evident in '08 required an entirely different plug (or even 2 plugs) to be adopted and that clearly won't work for you. Let me know what you learn, please.

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QUESTION: I found an instrument cluster for a 2002, and upon connecting it to the harness;I have lights in the cluster but no gauges or odometer or blinkers or anything else. I disconnected the battery, removed the battery tray, removed the positive to the body and cleaned the connections and wire and replaced them. Cleaned all connections to the battery, and reattached. Still nothing. Have replaced all the fuses, none blown. Replaced the fuse relays, still nothing. Tried the IOD, nothing. Tried holding the odometer and did all the listed trials and errors I can find online so far to no avail. Is there another ground or relay that I have missed, or any other repair I might try you could suggest? Any help/advice is greatly appreciated

Hi Chris,
It is good you got an '02 cluster.
By "have lights in the cluster" do you mean simply illumination or do you also mean all the warning lights are working also? I understand you have no gauges or blinkers but if you only have illumination lights then you are not getting the digital data feed that actually operates the cluster. That data arrives on pin 9 of the cluster violet/white wire and it comes from pin 23 of the body control module plug 3 (black exterior/white interior) under the dash mounted on the left side kick panel and has 5 plugs. The body control module needs fuses 14, 19, 20, 24 to be good for it to work. So verify those fuses, check the connection between both ends of the violet/white wire. Because you have some lighting the cluster must be grounded. Pin 6 of the cluster plug should show 12v (which it does since you have lighting). So you just are not getting any data to operate the cluster and that is either no data is coming from the body control module, or it isn't getting to the cluster plug, or this cluster also is also 'fried'.

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